The Seagulls Song

A young woman discovers she has breast cancer and tells her friend and neighbour- her son is a promising young footballer and his father likes a pint or three. Get the hankies ready when reading this one.


22. 22

Mick Laidler the Tyne United goal keeper hoofed the ball half way down the pitch after placing inside his goal are Robin McNally and Tommy Gosling jumped for the ball it was won by the Tyne United player and he took the ball towards the Collingwoods six yard area he squared the ball to Dava Ward who struck the ball; he forced a good save from “Snapper” who managed to tip the ball over the cross bar. The crowd let out a groan then shouted for Collingwood to respond. Snapper bowled out the ball to his defender “Ray Neema Office” who immediately passed it to Joe Darby; Joe went past Ian McMahon then through the legs of Steve Iddo then crossed the ball to David Copper Cawley. Nicky Chatlerton tried to slide in on Copper but mistimed the challenge bringing down the Collingwood player. The ref blew his whistle for a foul. The ball was placed as Mouser, Tony Asiamah, and Ian Goicoechea Jostled for position in the box. Alan Carr pulled on the shirt of Mouser as he waited for the free kick to be taken. The ball was whipped into the goal area and Mouser got his right foot to it and stuck it sweetly into the top corner of the net.

Goal! The Collingwood supporters were going wild on the touch line; jumping up into the air.

The referee pointed to the centre circle.

The ball was quickly replaced by the Tyne United side Andy Henry, Passed the ball to John Iddo who sped up the right wing; he passed to his brother Steve who in turn crossed the ball to Peter Greenaway. Get into Them Shouted the Collingwood supporters as John Riles went in with a crunching tackle but went down heavily. The ref had blown his whistle for a foul but the first aid man was allowed on John Riles looked like he took a knock and went over on his ankle and would not be able to continue. Stevie Wyres called Georgie Johansson to come on as a substitute who quickly found his position in the Collingwood defence. The ref blew his whistle and the ball was crossed into the box. There was a scramble in the goal area as Snapper couldn’t get his hands to the ball and it was slotted into the net by Tommy Gosling.

Groans of disappointment rang out from the crowd as Tony Asiamah gathered his team together and get them a talking to.

When the ball was replaced Rob McNally sent Mick Smith running up the right wing he passed the ball to Sean Stephenson who floated a beautiful ball in and Tony Asiamah headed the ball into the net to put his side ahead once more.

The Collingwood side managed to hold off the attacks from the Tyne United side until the half time whistle was blown. Stevie Wyres talked calmly to all the boys as they each took a drink of water and ate half an orange each.

In the second half the Collingwood team pressed home their advantage and a volley from Georgie Johansson in the eighty ninth minute sealed the victory for the local side.

Tom Johansson was elated and patted his son on the back.

“That was some goal there son; well done.

Collingwood would now face either East End Boys Cub or Whitley Warriors in the quarter final.


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