The Seagulls Song

A young woman discovers she has breast cancer and tells her friend and neighbour- her son is a promising young footballer and his father likes a pint or three. Get the hankies ready when reading this one.


19. 19

Yvonne was lucky enough to win the first flyer ticket which paid out fifty pounds which she shared with Margaret her friend. During the interval both Yvonne and Margaret played on the prize bingo until the main event started.

Margaret took out her coloured bingo markers ready for the caller who was very fast.

You missed a number at your own peril.

Margaret hadn’t even been close all night so when the jackpot ticket came up she didn’t have much hope of winning. If you called house on forty eight numbers or less then the jackpot was £3000 but there was a national prize of £20.000. The caller began to rattle off the numbers and Margaret found herself marking number after number until she was down to two.

“I only want two numbers Yvonne; number 17 and 32.

The caller shouted one and seven seventeen.”

“One I only need one now, no sooner had she spoke when the caller shouted three and two thirty two

“House shouted Margaret.”

Everyone came over to congratulate Margaret who didn’t realise what she had done until the caller announced that she had shouted on only forty five numbers and that she had won the national prize.

Margaret was shaking as she had to go up on the stage to receive her cheque for £23.000 pounds more money that she had ever had in her life. They even took her photo.

Margaret was going to half the money with Yvonne who she refused saying that she would only take a token from her. Margaret gave her £3.000 and felt guilty about it.

Yvonne said that she didn’t expect anything at all and that £3.000 was a huge sum of money. It was a year’s wages at Dukes & Marcus where she worked.

 The bingo hall gave her £500 pounds in cash and two cheques one for £19,500 and another for £3.000 they even supplied a taxi for her to get home safely.

Margaret gave Yvonne the cheque made out to her. Don’t worry Yvonne if you ever need any money I’m here to help you out you know that.

“I know and thanks.”

Margaret entered the house and sat down and cried.

Georgie came out of his room and asked his mother what was wrong.

“Nothing son look what your mam just won. She took out the five hundred pounds from her bag.

Wow! Mam that’s fantastic; dad will be pleased.”

“There’s more; look at this.”

Georgie’s mother laid the cheque on the table.

 Georgie looked at it and whistled softly; holy cow mam we are rich.

 “This is going to be for your future Georgie.”

“What about dad?

“Well I will half it with him; but what ever is left will put you through university and maybe get you a half decent car when you take your driving lessons.

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