The Seagulls Song

A young woman discovers she has breast cancer and tells her friend and neighbour- her son is a promising young footballer and his father likes a pint or three. Get the hankies ready when reading this one.


17. 17

After they had eaten the meal, Tom paid the Bill and they left the restaurant.

“Right where to now said Tom?

“I’m stuffed with that meal can we just take a slow walk back.”

“Thank you by the way; it was lovely to eat some local food.

“What do you eat at home?

“I’m a notorious snack food eater when I have a pile of marking to do.

“You will have to come down and see me Tom; “you could bring Margaret with you.”

“Yes, I could replied Tom; who was just brought down to earth with a bump. He had been taken out of himself all morning and most of the afternoon until Sandie reminded him he was married. The sad fact was that Margaret and him were not getting on and hadn’t for many years now. Tom felt as if he was going through the motions. He still loved his wife but the passion they once had for each other was gone. Margaret made all the excuses in the world not to make love with him these days. He missed the thrill and the excitement he felt when he first met Margaret.

They were only seventeen then. Margaret was the tomboy and was more like one of his school mates and was always up for a laugh. Margaret got pregnant the first time they had sex and Tom did the right thing and asked her to get married.

After Georgie was born, they never called him George, as he named him after his football hero Georgie Best the Northern Ireland and Manchester united genius.


“Have I said something wrong Tom; you have gone awfully quiet?

“Sorry Sandie; no you haven’t.

“Do you have plans tonight?

“Not really why?

“Well if you like you could come to Alice’s tonight; Keith and Alice were getting on famously after you left last night so he’s coming up to see her tonight.”

“I don’t know Sandie; I will have to see.”

Tom thought to himself please don’t say bring Margaret.

“She sensed something but didn’t say anything as they walked down towards Northumberland Park.

“Can we go in here said Sandie it’s years since I came her with my father.

“Yes come on; he forgot himself again and took her hand and they ran down the bank onto the swings below like a couple of kids.

They both giggled as they got off then walked along to the duck pond further along.

Oh look over there, there’s a swan and she has cygnets.

“He looked at Sandie as she found some bread that someone had left from a picnic and began feeding the birds in the pond. “ She looked as innocent as a little girl as she threw the bread towards the babies.


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