The Seagulls Song

A young woman discovers she has breast cancer and tells her friend and neighbour- her son is a promising young footballer and his father likes a pint or three. Get the hankies ready when reading this one.


11. 11

Margaret put Toms dinner on the table then left the scullery and sat in the kitchen.

Georgie finished his dinner then washed the dishes in the sink before telling his mother and father he was going out. Georgie slung the haversack over his shoulder then walked down the street until he was on Marina Avenue. Joe Darby was just coming out of the house and shouted of Georgie to wait up Joe had a mass of ginger coloured hair he wasn’t that tall but he could run with a ball.

“We have a game on Sunday at three o’clock Georgie.”

“Who are we playing?

“Tyne United Boys Club if we win this game we will be in the league quarter final.”

They both walked down towards the “Club on Stilts” as the club was raised some fifteen feet off the ground on concrete posts. There was iron stairs leading into the building to begin with until the council replaced them with concrete ones. The club was also used on Friday nights for courting couples as it was secluded from the street and the surrounding houses.

Georgie and Joe made their way to the changing rooms they took out their kit and got ready. Tony Asiamah was already warming up with Robin McNally and Snapper.

Georgie and Joe ran onto the gym floor and began doing tricks with the ball.

It wasn’t long before the rest of the lads came in and Tony put them through their drills before having a kick about.

Tony picked the team and Georgie would be on the subs bench this time.

He was a bit disappointed but accepted the decision. Tony knew the team’s strengths and weaknesses. It was the defence where the problems lay and Tony had them working on set plays that they may face against the Tyne United Boys Club.

When they had finished the equipment was removed so that the disco gear could be set up. Paul Decker arrived at seven o’clock and was carrying all his equipment through into the hall and placing them onto a long table.

The members waited until the football equipment was shifted then the members helped to set up the chairs and tables so that the disco could get under way.

Young Decka Williamson son of George the Scottish the club leader helped organise everything. It was said that his parents made him speak Scottish when he was at home but he reverted back to the Geordie accent whilst out with his friends.

The girls started turning up and amongst them were Sharon Kelly, Pam Short, Anne Burdis, and Jean Macciochi. They sat at a table and chatted away until the lads came in Peter and Tony Wilson came in then Sandy Longworth with Sid Smith. Sandy had a copy of a Gary Glitter album with him again. The room filled up quickly with more girls from around the area then in walked Jeff and his brother Isaac Decker, Terry Patterson followed soon after dressed in Levi jeans that had bee taken up about six inches so everyone could see the highly polished pair of red Dr Martens boots he was wearing. Terry had his signature wrangler jacket with badges from Newcastle United games and skinhead memorabilia. Terry also had a Dr Marten’s boot drawn on the back of his jacket; it had been drawn and coloured in with black and red indelible ink by Geordie Shotton who was a great artist. It was signed by every member of the NSAB. (North Shields Agro Boys) on the back.

 Geordie said he would call in later to see the lads.

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