The Seagulls Song

A young woman discovers she has breast cancer and tells her friend and neighbour- her son is a promising young footballer and his father likes a pint or three. Get the hankies ready when reading this one.


10. 10

Georgie came in from school he put down his haversack painted with his favourite singer’s face wearing a pair of outrageous glasses. Georgie loved the music of Elton John He had posters all over his bedroom walls. He took out his Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy album from his pile of albums and played it on his stereo.

Many kids thought him weird because he was into this type of music instead of the motown sounds of the 1970’s but Georgie like to be different. He put on his ear phones then turned up the volume. He had five a side foot ball practice tonight down at the Collingwood Youth Club. He remembered when it was a reservoir and he would go and collect frog spawn for school. They emptied the reservoir in 1969 and filled it in and grassed it over to make a park and football pitch; when the club was built and he joined immediately. Steve Wyres assistant leader in the club asked him to play for the local team fronted by Tony Asiamah, Steven “Snapper” Aplin (Goal Keeper) Robin McNally Shawn Stephenson, Ian Goicoechea, Joe Darby, Ray “Neema” Office, David “Copper” Cawley, Kevin “Mouser” Bruce, John Riles, and Mick Smith.


The sound of “Someone saved my life tonight” came blasting out when he pulled out the plug of his headphones by accident but he still sang along to it. His mother heard him singing along and came in to tell him his dinner would be out soon.

“Alright mam; he shouted he packed his football kit in his bag along with a towel soap and shampoo to wash his shoulder length hair. Nearly all the team members had long hair. Tony Asiamah had an afro style; he was a black kid who lived at the bottom of Laburnum Avenue who was a bit of a wizard with the ball. He reminded him of the Portuguese player Eusabio in looks and playing skills. He turned off the stereo then got himself ready for the club. He stuck on a tee- shirt and a pair of flared denim jeans. They had leather patched sown onto the knees where they had been worn but he refused to throw them away.

His mother put down the pie, pea’s and home cooked chips for him to eat and spread some Stork margarine on two slices of bread.

“Lovely mam; is there any lemonade in the fridge?

“I will have a look for you son.”

She found the bottle of villa lemonade then poured Georgie a drink out into a clean glass.

There was a sound of the door slamming as his father returned from work.

He took off his coat then washed his hands in the stone sink dried the on a tea towel then sat down at the table and waited for his meal to be put out for him.

“Have you got football practice tonight Georgie?

Aye; at six dad. “It’s five a side tonight.”

“Are you going down to watch him then Tom?

“No I’m going out.

“Not to the Ridges Inn again; surely.

“Where I go is my business.”

“Well you will be sleeping on the settee again then.”

“No skin off my nose.

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