what about now?

Madison Rose thought it was all perfect between her and Louis Tomlinson ,her boyfriend.but when she meets his best friends and falls for one of them will they crumble like a building or learn from there mistakes find out on what about now!!~maddie


1. pefect

         Madison's pov

louis and i were watching tv when we heard the door knock.

louis looked at me and i just looked away as he went to go open the door

it was a boy,very cute with curly hair and deep dimple,he just stared at me in total awe!

lets rewind first before u get to into the story:)


louis cam up to me and just stared for about 10 minutes!

"your very beautiful and i know we will be togethar for ever un till we die"louis said to me.i started to blush and look down to the floor."thx your very um..nice..looking yourself to we are going to be perfect for each other"i said.he started running his hand through my long blonde hair and started singing you and i.when he finished he just kissed me passionely and we just cuddled untill we fell asleep.(end of flashback)

when i got up to intoduce my self i felt a spark when i looked into his eyes they were so beautiful and so green.i noticed we have been shaking hands for awhile when louis coughed."oh..um im harry styles."harry said while blushing."hey, im madison ro-" i was interupted by louis "my girlfriend" he siad.the spark in harry eyes have left and has let go of my hand quick.i stared at louis coldly.

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