Broken and Fixed

My poem about heartbreak and recovering.


1. Broken and Fixed

My world has shattered.

He left me crying.

He didn't even think I mattered.

He was always lying.


I bury my face in my pillow.

He said I was just whining.

It's sunny outside my window.

The children are laughing.


I turn my head away,

and sneak a look in my mirror,

"I'll be okay."

My feelings are clearer.


I left my room,

my pain now very slim.

The flowers smile at me as they bloom.

Just like they did when I first met him.


He is no longer a concern,

because I never really needed him.

I guess he'll just have to learn,

without him I'm full of vigor and vim!


His feelings were outspoken,

my feelings were mixed.

I was broken,

but now I'm fixed.

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