The Reluctant Hero

I'm Melody, and I'm a demigod. A daughter of Apollo, to add to that.

You think life as an artistic demigod is smooth sailing?
Think again.

Cover credits go to Rose Woods, or my Rosie-chan!


1. Prologue

Our names won't be remembered

If we die like trampled flowers

I refuse to be forgotten

Written off as less than worthless

-Amanda Lee, Guren no Yumiya-

* * *

Mama always told me there were monsters out to get me.  It used to be a regular routine to lock the house up at night, check under my bed, and listen to stories out of Greece about the gods and heroes.

     After she was through with her story, she would sing a lullaby for me.  This is what got me into creative arts and music, the only thing that would keep my grades up throughout school.

     It is also what got me into this whole mess to begin with.

     My name is Melody Jones.  And I'm a demigod.

     Welcome to my crazy life.

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