Why Are You Gone?! (A Shizaya Fanfiction)

Shizuo accidentally kills Izaya but before this happens, Izaya confesses his love for him in a kiss, because he knows he won't live. Shizuo is anguished because he realizes he had loved the flea all along, and can't bear it that he actually killed him. Shinra does something with Izaya's body without Shizuo's, or anyone else's consent, and a black cat shows up on Shizuo's doorsteps. Are these two things linked?


1. Chapter 1.

 "IIIZZZAAAYY-" Shizuo was cut off as he slipped on some loose gravel. The stop sign he had been holding flew out of his grip and a involuntary look of horror and shock spread across his face. "No, Izaya!", Shizuo yelled. Izaya laughed but his smirk began to fade as he saw what was hurtling towards him and the look on Shizuo's face. Shizuo's face surprised him, causing him to pause, and before he could react, the blade like edge of the metal stop sign sliced into the right side of his neck. He stumbled and began to fall, but Shizuo caught his head before it could hit the ground. He instinctively tore off his vest and pressed it against the gash in Izaya's neck. "I'm, uh, sorry, i guess, um-" He sounded kind of panicky, a strange thing to hear from him, but stopped speaking when he saw how confused Izaya looked. Izaya was about to speak, but couldn't, as he began to cough up blood. Shizuo's eyes widened. "I'm surprised,  Shizu-Chan, don't you hate me? Don't you wish me dead? With the look in your eyes you could have fooled me, because you say those things practically everyday~", Izaya spoke, laughing slightly as he looked into Shizuo's eyes. "I-", A slight blush dusted Shizuo's cheeks. "Let's just get you to Shinra, he might be able to help" Shizuo said but before he could do anything Izaya stopped him. "No, Shizu- Chan, don't you see? I'm going to die out on the streets like so many of my precious humans!" He laughed a little as he spoke, sounding almost content. "But, well, i don't actually want you to die, Flea.", He tried to hide it, but their was anguish in his voice. Izaya smiled, a real smile, not his usual smirk, at his words. "Oh, but Shizu-Chan, it was always going to be you to kill me, and I wouldn't have it any other way~", Izaya spoke with a bitter happiness. Shizuo struggled to find the right words, and just settled on a simple question with a not so simple answer. "Why?". Instead of answering with words, Izaya pulled Shizuo's face to his own by tugging on his bow tie, pressing his lips against his. After the initial shock, Shizuo slowly melted into the kiss, gently molding his lips against Izaya's. Before the kiss could go any deeper, Izaya pulled away, with a small smirk playing on his lips. "Does that answer your question, Shizu-Chan~?" Shizuo merely but his lip and nodded, before pulling Izaya into another kiss, forbidden tears beginning to leak from his eyes. Izaya smiled into the kiss and wrapped his arms around Shizuo's neck. Somewhere between the start of the kiss and there, Shizuo had pulled Izaya into his lap. Izaya gently ran his tongue against Shizuo's bottom lip, asking for entrance. Shizuo immediately obliged, opening his mouth a little, letting Izaya's hot tongue explore his mouth and massage against his own tongue, begging for it to join into the kiss. The kiss quickly grew to one of fiery passion, with Shizuo winning in the fight for dominance. With one hand still on his neck, the other one was exploring his body, slipping under his shirt and pulling him closer. Shizuo's  hand kneaded circles into his back, causing a  moan to escape from Izaya's lips. Finally, they departed, panting for breath, with a string of saliva connecting their lips before breaking as they pulled apart. Izaya smiled up at him, the smile never fading, even as he said his last words. "Goodbye, Shizu-Chan", Shizuo felt shocked and heart broken. He watched as Izaya's eyes never closed, but the mischievous light that was always there faded away to nothingness, leaving blank, staring eyes. After what just happened, he had almost assumed this wouldn't happen, it couldn't. It was unimaginable, and yet it just happened. More tears streamed out of his eyes and he pulled Izaya's now lifeless body into a shaky embrace. Sobs were beginning to rack his entire body, what seemed impossible for the strongest man in Ikebukuro to do, let alone over him. Stop. That was what the sign was for. Getting you to stop. And in In Izaya's case, that meant to stop living. But no, that couldn't be! Shizuo stood up, still clutching onto Izaya's body and began running to Shinra's place. It began raining, as if the world itself were crying over the deceased informant. He continued running,not stopping until he made it to Shinra's door, kicking it open. Shinra ran into the room. "Do you know what time it is?!", then he saw Izaya's body. "What the Hell did you do, Shizuo-san?!" Shizuo spoke, still silently crying, though trying to hide it. "It was an accident...I slipped and the damn sign flew..." Shinra saw he looked upset and lowered his voice, going to doctor mode. "Well, let me see him. Why is he only just getting here? With all the blood, the wound must be at least 30 minutes long, and I know you can run pretty fast." Shizuo face tinted pink and he looked away. Shinra understood. "Well, put him here, gently. I'll see if I can do anything" Shizuo put him on the table he gestured to, gently like he said. "So, you, and as you so often call him, the "Flea"?" Shizuo tried to glare but the pain in his heart weighed out the pride. He relented with a nod. "Well,um, I never really knew until tonight..." Shinra gave a curt nod and began to get to work."Well i'm not sure if i can save him, but he's my friend, so i'll try everything I can." 

:I Hour Later: 

"Shizuo-Kun?", Shinra spoke softly. Shizuo looked up from where his head had been in his hands. "Nothing, he's gone. I'm so sorry." Shinra sounded sad, he even had some tears in his eyes, but it was nothing compared to how Shizuo felt. It was as if someone had ripped out his heart and torn it to pieces. Izaya was gone.

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