The Story of The Lone Centurion

This story is entered in "The Battle of The Fandoms" competition as a Doctor Who fan fiction.

Note: I would like to thank the mystery man who gave me a lot of ideas I found in his own version of a similar story.


2. Under Stone Henge

Rory sat alone in the under henge, he sat there day and night guarding the Pandorica, that box held something very dear to him, something no man would dare take from him, it was not gold, diamond, or a gem of any kind, it was Amelia Pond, his beloved Amy, he would never let anything happen to her, she was being kept alive by the pandorica box after Rory accidentally shot her with his laser hand, it was something Rory hated himself for day and night. The pandorica was originally built to hold the universes most dangerous warrior; The Doctor, the man who was out there trying to fix everything, trying to reunite Rory and Amy so that they could have their wedding in 2,000 years, When Rory left the wedding was tomorrow, now it was somewhat delayed for nearly 2,000 years.

Rory went outside like he often would, to get some fresh air, he swore to never leave the box as long as his wife resided inside it, he would never venture farther then needed, He would go outside and admire the stones that stuck out of the ground at Stone Henge, he often wondered who put them there, and why they were there, no one knew, perhaps not even The Doctor, Rory looked into the dark, empty sky, he missed the stars, all the stars died when the TARDIS explodes, but Rory knew that the Doctor would fix it, he would fix everything, he had to, He's The Doctor.

As he walked back to the under henge, he could not help but imagine what life would be like if he had never met "The Doctor" If they never met that mad man with a blue box, perhaps they would be living in a small house in the countryside alone, or perhaps they would live in a big house in the city, or a quiet life in a suburban house. He fancied all of these ideas, but he knew deep inside of him, Neither Him, Or Amy would be alive without that mad man, he had to come to terms with that.

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