The Story of The Lone Centurion

This story is entered in "The Battle of The Fandoms" competition as a Doctor Who fan fiction.

Note: I would like to thank the mystery man who gave me a lot of ideas I found in his own version of a similar story.


4. Rome's Glory

"If your legion is gone, Centurion, then why are lag you still here?" The officer asked "I told you, I am cursed, The lord of time cursed me to guard this for nearly 2,000 years" The man looked skeptical "The how long have been guarding?" Rory thought about this for a moment "16 years" 16 long years of loneliness Rory thought. "You have yet to tell me your name, Centurion, and what it is you are guarding?" Rory waited several seconds before responding "I am the Lone Centurion, I have no name, not anymore. As for what it is I guard, you, and only you will have to follow me" Rory said in a commanding tone. The Roman officer looked skeptical, but also curious, so the Gaius turned and spoke to his men "Set up camp here men, I shall return before the sun falls!" So he followed "The Lone Centurion" into the depths of the underhenge.

As the men walked to the underhenge Gaius decided this was a good time to question the Centurion further "Is what you guard the very thing I have been sent to seize?" Gaius asked "Yes" was the reply, at that Gaius had a sudden shiver down his spine, he did not like this at all. They were already in a vast room when Gaius looked in awe at the remarkable stone that lay before him "Behold, The pandorica!" Rory bellowed "Is that what you call it? Very intriguing, indeed, I have never seen a stone with so many strange markings" said Gaius a frown flashed across Rory's face "A stone! How dare you call her a stone!" Rory roared, Gaius taken back by his sudden anger quickly recovered "Her? Centurion are you ill? This...this thing has no gender!" Rory calmed his voice before replying "This is no stone, This is the pandorica, you have yet to ask why K was sparred and cursed" This got Gaius attention "16 years ago, the lord of time came to help us, my legion and I were under somewhat of a spell, and in this trance I accidentally killed the woman I loved, and she lays inside there, that "stone" is keeping her alive" Gaius was baffled.

"You will speak of what is inside of there to anyone, understand?" Rory told him "Yes, I understand, but why should I believe you, or any of this you claim?" Rory felt a slight smile cross his face before replying "Try moving the pandorica, reluctancy Gaius placed both of his palms upon the pandorica and tried to puss, nothing happened, he stepped as Rory walked forward and placed both palms upon the stone and pushed it several feet. Gaius mouth hung open in shock.

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