I Miss You


8. *7*


'Can talk to you?". Niall asked.

I turned around. 'No". I spat and went to turn around. A hand gripped my wrist and turned me back around. 'Please I really need to..." He trailed off. I sighed. I shook my head. 'No Niall please let me go". I begged but he wouldn't. Can't he see how much I hate him?! Well I don't exactly hate him. Wait what am I saying!

'I will not let you go, not again..." He whispered tears filling his eyes. I could feel the tears fill mine. 'Please let me talk to you.." I nodded finally giving into him. 'Fine but not long." I stated and he let me go. I sat down in a chair across from him. He sat down and I waited.

'So?". I tapped my fingers. 'I am sorry Camilla." What's with the sorry, that doesn't help. 'For what leaving me to achieve your dream!". His eyes filled with hurt. I continued. 'And do you honestly think that was ok?!". He shook his head. 'No if I could I would have a due over". I shook my head at this.

'A due over?". He nodded. 'Well I wish I could have a due over and wish I could have stopped from saying yes to being your girlfriend". I snapped and a tear fell from his eye. 'Look I am sorry ok, I didn't mean to. I swear it was a mistake! I young and dumb but I have changed, just give me another chance!". This boy.

I laughed. 'Last time I did that I got my heart broken and who was that? Oh that was you asshole!". He frowned. 'I am so sorry Camilla just give me another chance please?" He begged getting on his knees. Really? Ok I'd say this is dramatic... He honestly thinks I am just gonna forgive him.

'Ok but one chance and If you break it never fucking talk to me again..." Wait I did not just say that. A small smile played on his lips. 'Thank you." He breathed and went to hug me but I pulled back. 'Gotta earn it". I pushed him away. A little smirk came to my face.

'Well I gotta go." I got up. 'Wait please can you give me your number?". I thought for a minute. Should I? I mean I just forgave him. Do I trust him that much to do this? 'Hello? Earth to Camilla?". I snapped out of my thoughts.

'Um I guess here." I typed in my phone number. 'I can't believe I am doing this." I sighed. He chuckled and awkwardly stood back. 'I'll see you around?". I nodded. Then he walked out the store.

I can't believe I forgave him , well sorta...


Hope you guys loved it.

Thx for 111 reads.

All the love!!!


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