I Miss You


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Niall horan fanfic

Camilla's POV

Beep! Beep! Beep!

I groaned.i had to go to work today. After a long time of fighting myself to get up I finally did. The place was quiet so I knew Kelly left already to work. We haven't spoken really for weeks. Maybe a ' hi'.

I sighed and went into my bathroom, closing the door. The shower was cold! Where's the heat? I shivered and hurried to get out. I grabbed my towel and walked to my room. The air making me feel like I am in the tundra. After putting on lotion i slipped into my uniform.

It was nothing much just a simple white shirt and brown skinny pants. I slipped on my boots and walked to get my keys. As I walked to the front entrance I heard loud talking and it sounded like somebody was angry. 'Just let me explain, ok?!". A male's voice roared. It sounded familiar....

'Louis I don't care, you and that girl have a good life!" Then a girl came in front of me and fell into me. 'Bitch watch it!". She shoved me out of the way. 'Cunt!". I spat and she scoffed walking out. Who was that girl?

Soon I couldn't believe my eyes. Louis walked out into from the lobby and stared at me. 'What are you doing here?". He asked. A sound of annoyance filling his voice. 'I live here." I stated through gritted teeth.

'Now what about you?". He shook his head and spoke 'My, well now ex girlfriend lives here.." He trailed. Was that the girl he was talking about? 'Oh you mean that brunette bitch that shoved me into the fucking door?". I hissed. He breathed in and his jawline tightened.

'Don't call my girl a bitch, she has a name." Oh please this boy is as stubborn as a brick. 'Well please tell me her name.." I awaited. 'Her name is Eleanor". I scoffed. 'She sounds like one." 'What does supposed to mean?" I said that out loud? 'Nothing I have to get to work." I turned and walked off.

'Hey wait!" His voice called and I groaned turning around. 'What?" I tapped my watch and awaited. 'Why are you so mean to us all?" I shook my head. 'Everyone has the same question.. Maybe you should ask Niall that" I turned on my heels and walked away.

I sighed I was 10 minutes late to work. I turned the key in the ignition and put it into reverse and backed out. It took me about 5 minutes to get there. Why take a car you might ask. It's because I am lazy as hell. I made my way inside and I hoped my boss wasn't here..

I locked my car and walked inside. 'Cammy!" My work mate Tina yelled. God I hate that name... It sounds like clammy. I turned to look at her. 'Your late and I have been working my hands off because of all the people here'' she huffed and I smiled, knowing I annoyed her. 'Sorry I got held up at the apartment". I told half of the truth.

'Well your glad that I told Lauren that you were stuck in traffic". She raised her eyebrows scolding me. 'Thanks your the best!" I laughed and got to my station making the baked goods. Putting the cookies into the oven I wiped my hands off on my apron.

'Camz, can you serve this people while I go use the bathroom?" I nodded and walking to the register with a smile on my face. That smile fades once I saw who I was serving. Niall.

'I'm hi what would you like to order?". I rubbed my hands together. He looked at me for the longest time ever and I think someone tapped him breaking him out of his state. 'Yea can I have a Mocha Frappe?". I nodded slowly and typed it in. '£2.30" I held out my hand and he put it in. His hand brushing against mine. A spark ran though me and I pulled my hand away. Trying to forget the feelings. I walked to the back and filled his cup. Soon I was back and I handed it to him. 'Thanks Camilla".

I nodded and continued on working. He went and sat at a table just staring at me. I huffed. 'Can you stop staring and leave?". I hissed and a small smile played on his lips. This made me hate him more. 'Why do you care?you hate me.." He trailed off with that smirk on his face.

I shook my head and continued. He just continued to stare at me. He never left. He made me so frustrated and angry but I couldn't yell at him. I would get fired. I don't wanna lose my job!

Finally the day came to an end and I smiled. 'Bye Camilla!" Tina waved and went to the back. 'Bye Ti". I put my apron up and washed my hands. Putting on my jacket I grabbed my keys. I was about to walk out when a voice stopped me.

'Camilla can we talk?". Niall asked.


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