I Miss You


4. *4*

Camilla's POV

I woke up in an unknown room. I wonder who's place I am at now.... My head hurts like hell! If I get another I might have a migraine. I heard snoring beside me and I looked to my right. Their blonde hair sticking up into different places. Wait I know those blonde streaks. 'What the hell!". I screamed. He seemed to shoot up immediately. 'Uh hi..." He trailed off.

I slapped myself at least a hundred times. This is a dream, this is a dream, this is a dream. I'll wake up. I opened my eyes and he was still there. 'Why aren't you gone?" He looked at me confused. 'Your supposed to be my imagination...."he shook his head. 'This is real life Camz". Anger boiled in me. 'Don't call me that Niall!". Sadness filled his eyes.

'Why am I here?". I spat. 'Well you kinda blacked out from being drunk". He frowned. 'Why didn't you leave me?". A expression I couldn't read came upon his face. 'Because I just twanged to." Oh great answer dumb ass! I rolled my eyes. 'You should have left me there, I'd rather be with a pervert than with you" he seemed hurt when I said that. 'Well then you know where the door is" he stated with no emotion and turned away from me.

'Gladly I would love to leave". I stood up but regretted it when I lost my balance due to my headache and fell on the floor. 'Ouch!" I screamed in pain. My ankle hurt so much. I think I broke it. 'Are you ok?". Niall ran over to me. A worried expression. If it weren't for the pain I would have smiled at his cuteness. Wait what am I saying?!

'No I am so fucking ok!". I arched my back in pain. 'Tell me if this hurts.." He really wants to ask tha-". I yelped as he added pressure to my ankle.

'I think you strained it, with those heels". He chuckled. I would have punched him if I could.

'Shut up before I do it." I said through gritted teeth. That stupid smirk never left his face. 'I can get up". I pushed him away and slowly got up. 'So you need help?". He stood back. I shook my head. 'I'll just get a taxi home". 'Let me drive you.." He pleaded. Ugh why doesn't anyone again get me? 'Niall..." I started. He cut me off. 'I am giving you a ride no matter what." And with that he picked me up.

I went to hitting his back. 'Niall put me the fuck down I will kick your ass!". I screamed. Soon the boys came down the stairs. They all had confused and amused looks. 'Don't worry we're just going for a ride" he walked through a door which led to outside and put me in a car. I pouted as he locked my door. He got in and drove.

'Fuck you Horan". I spat and turned to look at the window. He sighed and continued driving.


'Here you go" he stated as we pulled up to the driveway. 'Thanks I guess.." He nodded and I got out. 'And Camilla?" I turned to him. 'What." I stood already annoyed at him by the second.

'I am sorry I did what I did to you.." His eyes glistening with sadness and his facial expression sad also.

'Sorry doesn't cut it Niall." I turned on my heels and walked away. Tears rolling into my eyes and then out.

'It doesn't". I whispered.


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