I Miss You


2. *2*

Camilla's POV

After awhile of just standing there looking at each other I cleared my throat. 'Um hi.." I spoke. He looked shocked. 'Hello how are you doing?". His nervous voice said. 'Fine um his bout you?" I fiddled with my feet. 'Good just good". 'So um wh-". Niall was interrupted by Harry. 'Did you find the pills baby girl?" His voice rang but stopped when he saw us two. 'Oh Niall your awake..." He scratched the back of his head.

Niall's face went hard as he looked at Harry. 'Again Harry you brought home another girl?!" Harry stood frozen. 'It was just a one night stand though..." He trailed off. That kinda hurt. I mean I did that to other people and they did it to me, but hearing someone say it hurt me. 'Well I have to go..." I said quickly before trying to walk out the door but Harry caught up to me. 'Wait can I have your number?". This boy I swear. 'Sorry I am just a one night stand!" I snapped and walked off.

I began walking home but then realized. WHERE THE HELL AM I?! I looked at the street sign. 'Lanier Road' where am I. God I do not want to go back to that house. I pulled out my phone and dialed Kelly.

'Hello?" Her groggy voice spoke. 'Listen can you come pick me up please?". I pleaded. She huffed. 'Sorry I can't I got my car in the shop" I groaned. 'Dude what do I do?". 'I don't know, but I need sleep" then she hung up. I wanted to throw my phone on the floor. 'Fuck!". I screamed and an old lady turned to look at me. 'Wash your mouth lady" she scolded me. 'Oh fuck off grandma!" I was too mad to care. She scoffed and walked off.

Now how in the hell do I get home? I sighed and sat down on the concrete. I thought of ways to get home without having to go back to that house. I could ask a neighbor. But they might be killers in disguise. I heard footsteps behind me but I ignored. 'Camilla are you ok?" Niall's voice spoke. 'Yes I am fucking OK!" I screamed at him, He stepped back from me. 'Sorry I was just asking..." He seemed hurt but I didn't care. 'Yea well you know what don't talk to me". I got up and started to walk away. 'Where are you going!" He yelled.

'Non of your god damn business!" I kept walking. 'Don't you need a ride?" I shook my head. 'I'll find my way!" I shot back and walked off. Still he didn't listen and ran after me. Can't anyone understand me?! 'What!?" I turned to him. 'Why are you following me?" I snapped and he just shook his head. 'Look I am trying to be nice here, just take the ride?". I shook my head. 'I'd rather be killed walking alone than ride in a car with you!".

'Why are you so mean? To me?" Because maybe your an ass I thought in my head. 'Because. I. Hate. You. So. Much. You. Asshole." I died through gritted teeth. I almost broker them when I squeezed them that hard together. 'Look I am sor-" 'just shut up I don't wanna hear it Niall!" I began to cry. 'Now leave me alone." I whispered and walked away.

Niall's POV

'I am sorry Camilla, so sorry...."


Camilla's POV

After 1 hour I found a work shop and got a ride home. I sighed as I fell onto my bed. I hated him so much right now I just can't breathe. 'Camz are you ok?" I nodded and rolled over. Kelly walked over and sat down next to me. 'Are you really?" Her and Niall both made me annoyed and angry. 'Yes I am now leave me alone, God!". She looked taken aback. She got up and left. Finally some sleep.


Hi guys so this is the 2nd chapter. So I have a question about if you wanna play Niall's girlfriend in this book. I will tell you more about more during the middle of it. Comment? Fan? Message? Love 💜💜


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