Hometown || Nouis

"You and him can't be friends." I once told him. "But we are. You have to deal with it... bitch." He once sassed me. "You can't do this to me." I once cried. "I don't care anymore." He once told me. "I did love you." I once told him. "I loved you too." He once whispered to me.


2. o n e


m o r g a n

I walked the streets all alone, headphones on, blocking out everything. It was in the middle of winter. The homeless were aligning the streets,  pleading for shelter and money, but all they got was mugged. Men that were from some of the gangs took all of what the homeless person had. People are just so horrible here.

I picked up my pace when I noticed a man in the corner of my eye, this happened all of the time. I clutched onto my wallet, headphones, and my phone. 

After a while, I looked back to find no one. The man was gone. Thank, God.

I took my headphones off and began to walk of the steps to my mother and I's home. The door suddenly opened, "We have new neighbors! I want to go meet them! C'mon, Morgan." my mother rushed out the door. Why does she want to meet neighbors now? The only neighbors we get are criminals of some sort or just scary, unpleasant people.

"Mom, why?" I rolled my eyes, trying to walk past her. She gently grabbed my shoulder, "Please just come with me. These neighbors seem different. They live right next to us, it's only nice if we meet them." she sighed and let go of my shoulder. I looked to the house to the left of us, there was a moving truck. I never saw any people though. They must've been inside.

"Please, come with me." my mom pleads. "Fine." I roll my eyes and begin to walk through our weedy lawn, walking to the neighbors house. "Get off their lawn, that's not polite." she states at she walks on the pavement.

"Do you think I care, mom?" I sass and continue walking through their lawn. "Quit with the attitude." she pleads as we both meet on a pathway leading to their front door. We walked to the door. "I'll knock." she speaks softly and knocks on the door softly.

We stood there for about a minute until a boy answered the door. "Hello there. May I help you..?" he asked. He had brown hair and kind of cute, I guess. "Hi! I'm Jackie. I live right next door." I my mom smiles.

"Hey, mum, Niall!" he shouts with is back to us. Suddenly, a blonde haired boy and what looked like his mother, were behind the brown haired boy.

"This is Jackie, she lives next to us." the boy smiled at his mom. "Hello, I'm Maura." the lady smiles at mom. "Hello." mom smiles back.

"Is this one yours?" Maura smiles and points at me. "Oh, yes, this is Morgan." mom states. "Beautiful name." Maura and the blonde boy say at the same time. "Thanks." I blush. Only because a boy actually complimented me. All I get from guys is "Hey, Morgan Freeman." Like what the hell?

"Oh, yeah, this is my youngest, Niall. Greg, right there. Is my oldest." Maura smiled as she pointed to each boy. "Those are beautiful names. You're Irish. Aren't you?" mom questions. "Yep." Niall smiles.

I stood quietly next to my mother as they all spoke. Suddenly, a snowflake hit me right on the forehead. More snowflakes began to fall and everyone began to notice.

"Would you two like to come in?" Maura questioned. "If it's alright, then yes." mom smiles.

"Well, I'm just going home then." I speak softly and turn towards our house. " "Oh okay..." Maura frowns. "Sorry. I am just- uh, tired..." I lie. I soon began to walk away.

I slowly walked into our house to something burning. It smelt horrible. I ran into the kitchen to smoke coming from the oven and the smoke alarms going off. "Fuck! Seriously, mom?!" I scream and grab a dish cloth. I tried batting all of the smoke away as I opened a window. I ran to the oven, turning it off and opening it to get the burnt food out.

I grabbed the burnt thing and ran outside to throw it in the large garbage can.

I opened the garbage can lid and threw the thing away. "Hello, beautiful."


Louis Tomlinson. He's in the grade above me, 12th grade. He was a nice, sweet, cute, exchange student from England when he was in 2nd grade and I was in first grade. I was friends with him up until I was in 5th grade. He began to change in the middle of fourth grade, or at least that's when I began to notice. 

He began to be a rude dickhead. Louis would hangout with some of the other bad kids who had their own little gang. That's when I stopped hanging out with him. 

"Louis, what do you want?" I turned to him, wiping my hands on my pants. "You." He suddenly grabbed me by the waist and pulled me close to him. "Get away from me!" I tried to get out of his grip, but he only held me tighter.

"Louis! Stop! You're fucking hurting me! Get away from me you creep!" I screamed. He let go of me and looked at me sadly. "I'm sorry..." he said quietly. That was strange because he has done this more than once and he has almost raped me... But this time he just stopped, he looked frightened, he was looking at something behind me.

I turned around to see Niall. "Niall? What the heck?" I was so confused. Did he hear my scream?

Niall instantly ran past me and tackled Louis, "Don't ever hurt again! You got it?! Next time you do, I will kill you!" Niall punched him in the nose. Louis fought back. It was a full on fight in my own backyard.

Why did this have to happen?

A group of guys walked by and saw since the back gate was open. They walked into my backyard and of course, watched. I screamed for help, running past the group of guys and into Niall's family's home.

"HELP! NIALL AND A GUY ARE BEATING EACH OTHER UP!" I screamed. Maura and my mom looked at me like I was crazy. "Come help!" I screamed and ran back outside to see Louis now on top of Niall and they were both punching each other. The group of guys were chanting, "C'mon Tommo! Beat his ass!"

I began to cry. Everyone was so mean to each here.

I walked up to Niall and Louis. I bent down to try to break it up, I got pushed out immediately, hitting my head on the old, cracked pavement. I cried as Maura, my mom and Greg all came running to the backyard.

I noticed blood was everywhere, on the ground, Niall's body, and Louis' body. There was blood on my hand, I realized it was coming from my head. I must've hit my head too hard when I got pushed...

Everything was getting dark...

I heard a faint sound of sirens in the background. There was shouting... And lots of lights... People rushed over to me...

Everything stopped. Everything was black.

Hello, here is the first chapter of Hometown. Now I know it seems like it's not about Nouis at all since they were practically trying to kill each other, but they get closer into the story. c: That's all I'm going to say c:


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