The galaxy within | Poem


1. The Galaxy Within

She had stars and planets and galaxies within her own mind

but feared the potential,

 She feared the exploration of her galaxy

 because she could not see the beauty in it,

only the areas of darkness.

She grew cynical and sad,

Her galaxy left alone and unfulfilled.

But every once in a while,

On rare occasions,

She allowed herself to dream,

to explore the magic within her mind,

to love.

She allowed herself to explore just a small part of the wonder within.

And In these moment for eyes fill with happiness,

her heart feels with joy and you can see the inner beauty.

 In those moments if you were to look into her eyes you would be able to see the galaxy’s the live with in,

just for a moment.

And I am blessed to have even been granted a glimpse of the beautiful magical galaxy within her eyes.

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