Being an orphan your whole life isn't easy. Especially not when you being chased by monsters every so often.
My life's not a picnic, trust me, but when you suddenly find out that you're a child of the Greek gods, it doesn't get much better.

But here's the thing, I don't have a clue who my godly parent is, and when I'm taken to this 'special' camp and supposed to be claimed my first day there, let's just say that it doesn't go as smoothly as hoped.


10. CHAPTER TEN - Leo is a storyteller


"When we got off Ogygia and back to the modern day world," I began. "Calypso was still a bit behind times. I mean, three thousand years stuck on an island with no one but yourself that you could never leave? Wasn't exactly the ideal place to be when the world outside was evolving around you."


"Leo," Calypso said as we flew over nothing but water that was thousands of metres deep. "How much longer until we land?"

We had been flying for hours, both of out butts getting numb with no sign of civilization anywhere in sight. The wind whipped at our faces as Festus flew towards the horizon with only the goal of getting back home back to camp.

"Not sure, Sunshine," I replied, using her little nickname I had adopted since we first met. "Are you not enjoying your quality time with the Super-sized Mc-shizzle? Not many people get to enjoy my presence personally, you know!"

Calypso rolled her eyes but couldn't help the cute little smile creeping onto her lips. "Whatever, Valdez," she said. "Just wake me up when we see some land that is not Ogygia."

I grinned. "Sure thing, Sunshine."

Calypso snuggled up against my back with her arms around my waist, making herself as comfortable as possible on the mechanical flying dragon. I could feel her breath getting slower and more steadier until she was completely asleep against my back. I felt all jittery inside and did my best to try and not wake her. She was adorable when she slept, with her lips parted slightly, her eyelashes twitching as she dreamed peacefully and mumbling random words as she dozed away.



I looked up at Anna. Forgot she was there. Oops.

"Hmm?" I hummed.

"You're not even five minutes into the story and you're already boring me to death," Anna said. Wow, impatient much? "I mean, your a good story teller and all, but I don't want to hear if this girl drools in her sleep or not and you find it the most cutest thing ever."

"Well come to think of it..."

"Don't push your luck, grease head."


I just gave her a cheeky grin and continued on.


I lost track of time as we flew over the ocean. A couple of times I saw some hippocampi of different sizes, leaping out of the water like dolphins, some unnaturally large shapes loomed underneath the surface of the water giving me the creeps and a few Ichthyocentaurs (fish centaurs) waved at us as we flew overhead (they make awesome brownies).

I'm not sure how long Calypso slept for but she must've been pretty tired as she didn't wake up until the sun was beginning to set below the horizon.

"Wha-what time is it?" Calypso groaned as I felt her get up off my back.

I shrugged. "Don't know, sunshine. Only that we're still flying in the middle of nowhere with no land in sight," I said. "The sunset's pretty though."

I heard her gasp. "Oh wow...!"

I looked to my left and saw the sun dropping in the sky. Pastel colours of pink and purple dyed the clouds as golden streams of sunlight shone through the interstices of the cloud and reflected on the surface of the ocean. The sky was not a light cyan colour and slowly getting darker as night fell. Looks like we'd be spending the night on Festus.

Suddenly Calypso gasped. "Oh my gods, Leo," Calypso exclaimed. "Look!"

She almost punched me in the face as she thrust her hand out in front of me and pointed to something ahead of us. I almost lost an eye, woman! What are you so excited about? I turned my gaze to where she was pointing and saw something on the horizon.

Was that...?

"Land!" Calypso shouted right in my ear, reading my mind.

"Oww! That was my earhole!" I remarked, rubbing my ear.

Calypso winced. "Oops, sorry," she apologized.

"It's fine," I replied, although it was ringing a bit. "Come on, let's get off this dragon and stretch our legs."

Festus made a noise that sounded like a grunt.

I chuckled. "Don't worry, bud," I patted his head. "We appreciate your awesome flying skills, we just need to walk around for a bit. You're still number one for the best mechanical bronze flying dragon!"

He huffed a puff of smoke in response and flew faster towards the dot of land we saw in the distance. Civilization at last!



It was dark when we landed. Night had fallen well before we touched down on the white sandy beach that ran along side a deserted road. Well, not entirely deserted. There were a few stranglers walking along the sidewalks to who knows where underneath the buzzing streetlights that attracted moths. We slid off the side of Festus, our legs shaky and our butts numb but after a good stretch, we looked around out surroundings more. The beach was small but nice and quaint; perfect for a hot summers day, four-storey buildings crammed together up along the sidewalk on the opposite side of the road from the beach above a small cliff face that had a set of white concrete stairs leading up to the road so people could access the beach, two-stories of conjoined beach houses ran along the cliff face on the beach with yellow and blue doors in a pattern going in yellow-blue-yellow-blue and so on. The place was green along the edges and seemed like a nice place to settle down.


"Where are we?" Calypso asked beside me.

I wasn't to sure myself to be honest. I looked around for any clue that would give me a hint to where we were. Fortunately, I spotted a tourist map board that would hopefully tell us where we had landed after such a long flight across Poseidon's realm. I slowly jogged towards it, sand flicking up behind me as I went with Calypso not far behind.

"Leo," Calypso called. "Wait up!"

I climbed the concrete stairs that winded up to the path and slowed down to catch my breath when I reached the top to wait for Calypso. Festus had stayed on the beach, terrorizing fish and chasing seagulls in the water. I chuckled breathlessly as Calypso reached the top of the stairs.

"Could you go any slower?" I smirked, crossing my arms across my chest and looking at a breathless Calypso.

"Haha, very funny, Valdez," Calypso huffed and leaned back against the railing on the edge of the cliff, hoping she wouldn't fall. "So what exactly are we doing up here?"

I turned and pointed tot he tourist board just a few metres away from us. "I'm gonna see if I can find out where we are," I said.

Calypso cocked an eyebrow in confusion. "Why not just check the GPS on Festus?"

I lowered my hand after she spoke. I did nothing for a moment until I faced palmed myself, thinking of how ridiculous and obvious that was and how stupid I was. I cursed in Spanish and ran my hand down my face  in agitation. I heard Calypso giggle and stared at her. She forced herself to stop but as I continued to stare at her with my hand hanging on my chin and my mouth open like the Scream mask, she couldn't help herself and burst out laughing. She toppled forward, clutching her stomach while her face turned slightly pink and her eyes watered. It didn't take long for me to started laughing myself as we both lost it on the side of the road, causing stranglers to stare at us as the wandered past.


"Oh my gods," Calypso said between laughs and pointed at me. "Your face was hilarious!"

I chuckled as my laugher began to die down. "Yeah, well I'm am pretty funny."

Calypso wiped her eyes as she got control over herself. "I meant your face looks funny, you have no sense of humor at all."

"Hey!" I protested. "That's mean," I pouted.

"Oh toughen up, Valdez," Calypso retorted and sauntered over to me. "No need to be a baby about it."

"Well aren't you nice."

She shrugged. "I try."

I grinned and played a hand on her cheek as I pulled her closer and kissed her. She replied almost immediately and I smiled into the kiss. Her lips were warmed and felt slightly chapped but I didn't care, I had her and there was no way she was getting away from me ever again.

We broke apart a after about thirty seconds and stared into each others eyes. The corner of Calypso's lips tugged up slightly. "But I'll admit, your not as bad at kissing as I thought you'd be," she muttered.

I chuckled breathlessly and shook my head, slowly dragged my hand down from her face and intertwining my hand into hers. "You're lucky I had enough heart to come for you, other wise I would've just left you there."

Calypso scoffed, but I could still see a hint of a smile playing on her lips. "I think I would've preferred it if I knew how rude you actually were," she said.

I grinned mischievously. "Well now you're stuck here with me, so deal with it," I retorted.

She rolled her eyes, but she couldn't help the grin growing on her face. I stared at her for a moment, taking in all the details of her face before leading her to the tourist board so we could finally find out where in the world we were.

Our feet echoed on the empty street as we walked hand in hand along the footpath in the lukewarm summer air. I sighed in content as I looked around at our surroundings. It seemed like we were in the country side, but judging from the landscape and architecture, it didn't seem like were in the country side of America. In fact, it seemed like we were someplace completely different.

Like another country.

"Leo," Calypso got my attention. "Look at this."

We had reached the tourist board and as suspected, there was a giant map of the city or town we had landed in. A giant red arrow pointed to a spot on the along the coastline and it big bold letters said YOU ARE HERE. I scanned the map to see what others clue there were to gives us information on our location when a loud crash sounded behind us and I let go of Calypso's hand as I jump in fright. We both let out a yelp as we turned and saw Festus standing behind us with his ruby eyes gleaming.

"Santo Hefesto," I exclaimed. "Festus, you scared the crap out of us!"

Festus made a series of clicks and bangs as he communicated to me in Morse code.

"Just a minute, bud," I interrupted. "We have to find out where we've landed first."

I glanced back at the map and spotted the name of the town at the top of the map and my eyebrow raised in confusion.

"What in the name of the gods is... Broadstairs?" Calypso asked the question we were both wondering.

"No idea," I mumbled. "It's not in any place I've ever heard of."

Calypso sighed in frustration beside me. "Just great. We're lost and have no clue where we are!"

Behind us, Festus stomped his feet and growled, trying to get our attention.

"What, Festus?" I stated and faced him.

He did nothing except for coming closer towards me and nudging my with his giant mechanical, Celestial bronze head. I don't think he meant to push to hard but he nudged me as gentle as I guess he thought it was and I stumbled backwards so that I collided with the tourist board.

I groaned. "Dude," I chided. "Watch it!"

Festus just snorted and moved closer, but instead of nudging me again, he moved hi head  tot eh left so that the back of his head was visible, showing me the GPS.

"What are you...?" I stared at the GPS as it pinpointed out location and my eyes widened. "Oh... that's... something."

"What?" Calypso said. "Leo, what is it?"

I looked at her and took a deep breath as I licked my lips. I bit the inside of my cheek and looked back at the GPS to make sure I wasn't seeing things."

"Leo," Calypso shook my shoulder. "What is..." she glanced at the GPS and stared at in confusion. "Where in the world is England?"

I ran a hand through my hair. How had we ended up here? We had gone straight back the way we came when we left the island and that should've taken us back to Long Island Sound since I was thinking about it as we flew away from Ogygia. That's how the raft worked, right? Didn't the magic work the same for other vehicle transportations?

"I don't know how we got here," I muttered, staring at GPS in astonishment. "But I know for sure that this isn't America and that we're a long way from home."


"England?!" Anna stated as she sat next to me on one of the work benches as we swung our feet aimlessly in the air. "How in the gods names did you get there?"


I shrugged and leaned back on my hands as I watched Festus sleeping peacefully. "I don't know. The magical raft the I first used to get off the island took me to wherever I wanted if I just thought about it. I figured that it would be the same with Festus but it wasn't and we were on the other side of the world."

Anna shook her head in disbelief. "That's insane! I mean, you can find Ogygia on a map, right? And you could've flown straight back to camp."

A sheepish grin grew on my face and I chuckled slightly. "No, Ogygia isn't on a map. Not any map in the world. It's a magical island hidden by the gods when they punished Calypso for helping her father, Atlas, in the first Titan war. They didn't trust their enemies or their kin so they punished and sent away all of them. Including Calypso."

Silence hung in the air between us, neither of us saying a word. It was like that for a few moments before Anna spoke up.

"What happened afterwards?" she asked, looking over at me.


I shrugged and ran a hand through my hair. "We kept going, I guess. We slept the night off of course because we were both still tired, even if Calypso did fall asleep on Festus," I continued. "In the morning we got ourselves breakfast and then flew off again. We went from Broadstairs straight to London for a few days so Calypso could learn more about the modern world - which didn't take long because she was a fast leaner. Then when we were ready to head off, we flew to Bristol, then to Wellington and then Penzance for a final fuel up and rest before flying over the North Atlantic Ocean."

"Spending time with Calypso made me so happy and I could see she was feeling the same too. I mean, being trapped on an island for so long wasn't ideal, especially if when every few hundred years the gods send a hero to come along and break her heart with leaving her on an island she could never leave," I picked up a small automation I was working on off of the table and started fiddling with the wires in it. "To be honest, I was actually kinda scared by taking her off the island. I mean, part of her 'curse' was to fall in love with any hero she was sent before being tragically heartbroken when the left. I thought that if I took her away from Ogygia that the curse might lift and that she might not like me anymore. Turns out I was wrong."

"So what happened?" Anna scooted closer to me so that she was only about a ruler's length away from me.

Memories of what happened flashed in front my eyes and I had to resist from bawling my eyes out. They were so painful and I didn't know if I could say them aloud.

"Leo? Are you okay?" Anna sounded concerned as she spoke, her voice just above a whisper.

I sniffled and wiped a loose tear away from my cheek. "Yeah, I'm fine. It's just..." I looked up from my automation in my hands to Festus and sighed. "This next part of the story is... quite tender and difficult for me to talk about; so just, bear with me, okay?"

Anna nodded and rubbed my back. "Okay, Leo. Just take you're time. I know how hard this must be you."

I nodded and wiped my nose before taking a deep breath and having a few moments and continuing on with the story.


It took us about a day to fly from the United Kingdom to America but it was worth it. I mean, we were now closer to home and I couldn't wait to surprise everyone at camp and introduce them to Calypso. We had landed in Portland, Maine and crashed in a cheap hotel to rest up and regain our strength. In the morning, I was awake before Calypso and decided to head up to the roof where I had kept Festus, as he couldn't stay in the room because he was too big.


"Morning, bud," I greeting as I saw my mechanical dragon. "Rise and shine. I've got breakfast."

Festus blinked open his ruby red eyes and opened his giant mouth as if he was yawning, showing off his razor sharp teeth and standing up, arching his back and stretching out his claws. He then stood up straight and sauntered over towards me before sitting down on his hind mechanical legs.

"Here, you go, Festus," I tipped a little bit of Tobasco sauce into the motor oil canister I had in my hands when I walked up here and screwed on the lid before shaking it up to mix it together before tossing it into the air, high above Festus' head. "Eat up."

Festus watched the motor oil fly into the air and watched it intently as if fell back down before snapping it up in his jaws and swallowing the thing whole. He roared happily and nuzzled his snout into my chest.

I laughed and patted his head. "You're welcome, buddy. Now, go have some fun," and by fun I meant by allowing him to fly freely around the city as long as he didn't go to far from our location.

Festus happily took off in one flap of his wings and I had just managed to stand my ground as I watched him fly up into the grey, cloudy sky and disappeared into the city. I sighed contently and started out at the hazy pink and orange skyline, watching the sun slowly rise as I though about home.

'How were Jason and Piper doing?' I wondered to myself. Were they okay? How would they react when they saw me? Would they cry? Would they just standing their in astonishment then suffocate me in a giant bear hug?

I honestly was kinda nervous about seeing them again. The same went for Percy, Annabeth and Nico back at Camp Half-Blood; plus I couldn't forgot about my Roman buddies. Man, what would Hazel and Frank think? I figured Hazel and Frank would probably burst into tears (that made me chuckle because Frank kinda would. He's a softie like that).

I kept thinking of different outcomes I would get when I got home and was so deep in my own thoughts that I didn't notice Calypso walking up behind me until she was right beside me.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Calypso said.

"Huh?" was my dumb response as I came back to reality and notice that she was staring at the sunrise. "Oh yeah, beautiful. You know who else it beautiful?"

Calypso's cheeks turned a bright pink and she bit her lip. "Who?"

Just to be annoying (which is one of my amazing qualities) I said something she probably wasn't expecting. "Festus."

The pink tinge to Calypso's cheeks faded and she looked at me with shock. "I'm sorry, what?"

"Festus. He's quite beautiful, don't you think? I mean, those stunning scales and bright red eyes," I sighed contently, as if I was madly in love. "If he wasn't a mechanical bronze dragon, I would so date him. He's just... perfect."

Calypso smacked me in the back of the head.

"Oww!" I exclaimed. "What in the name of Hades was that for?!"

Calypso just gave me an are-you-serious look. "You know what that was for, Valdez," she said as she then turned around and headed for the stairs.

"I was only joking!" I called and rubbed my sore spot. "What? Can't take a joke?"

I heard Calypso chuckle. "Come on. Let's go get some breakfast, hot head. I want pancakes."

I grinned and followed after her. Damn, she was so breathtaking. How did I end up with a girl like her?


After breakfast, we spent the day exploring the city and around five thirty, we went back to the hotel and watched some movies on Netflix with a big bowl of popcorn shared between us as we snuggled up on the couch. For a cheap hotel, it wasn't that bad.  I could've stayed there longer if we didn't have to get going the next morning.

Next, we flew straight for New York, The great Big Apple. I was extremely tempted to fly straight for Long Island as it was so close that I could almost taste it, but Calypso wanted to explore Manhattan first because Percy had told her about it when he visited Ogygia. I decided that I would give her the opportunity to explore the mortal world one last time before we arrived at camp and had a great big reunion. We found a fairly nice hotel that didn't cost too much (as we were running low on money and needed to last of it wisely. Long story short about how I got the money; ran into Hermes one night back in England and had a quick conversation with him and he gave us some supplies before going back to his godly business).

Again, I let Festus free roam the city from the sky while Calypso and I stuck together on the ground and walked around, looking at the sights and me telling her what I could about the place. We got ourselves a classic American hotdog before heading into central park and find a nice spot under a large, shady tree and looking up at the clouds. I cracked jokes, Calypso laughed and we just spent the entire day together, doing whatever we wanted (with the limited money we had). It was so peaceful and... perfect.

But I should've known that it wouldn't last forever.


On our final night in New York, Calypso and I decided to go out for dinner as our final night out in the mortal world before it all ended. Don't ask me how, but when we got back to out hotel room there was a letter sitting on the coffee table written directly for us. It wasn't much, just saying that we should spend out last night together on an official date (since we hadn't actually had one yet) and that there was a place reserved for us at this restaurant called 'Gramercy Tavern'. There would be a ride waiting for us out the front of the hotel at 7pm to take us both there and back after out meal. We thought that it wouldn't hurt so we decided to go.

Six o'clock was when we chose to start getting ready. I was the first to jump in the shower and when I got up and Calypso jumped in, I found a typical 'high society' suit waiting for me on the bed. I didn't hear or see anyone come in so I figured that it got there by magic. Maybe the gods decided that I had done well with taking care of Calypso and wanted to thank me for it. Hey, I wasn't to quick to judge (sometimes), so I put on the suit and when I looked in the mirror, I actually didn't look too bad.  It was a navy blue colour and it fit me perfectly. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Now all there was, was Calypso. I wonder how she was doing.

Around ten to seven was when she came out of them the bathroom (she wanted privacy and I could respected that). I mean, a girls got to have time to get ready).

Plus when I saw her, my jaw literally dropped and I had completely forgotten how to speak.

Calypso came out of the bathroom wearing a three quarter lace red dress with long sleeves and three quarter black leggings underneath, she had black ballet flats on her feet and her hair an makeup were done perfectly. If she was just some random girl on the street, I would've actually mistaken her for Aphrodite.

"C-Calypso... you look..." beautiful couldn't even cover it.

Panic quickly flooded Calypso's face. "What? Is it too much, I mean... is it bad?" She frantically began to smoothen out her dress and fix invisible flaws. She bit her glossy red lips in concern. "I just never had any reason to dress up on Ogygia for any purpose and I guess I just-"

"Calypso, it's okay," I laughed wholeheartedly and went over and hugged her. "You look stunning and phenomenal. I honestly thought you were Aphrodite for a second there."

Calypso chuckled and pulled away so that she was still in my arms. "You're so cheesy, you know that?"

I just grinned and kissed her passionately. She responded immediately and wrapped her arms around my neck as I tugged her closer from her waist. We pulled away after  few moments and took a second to look deeply into each others eyes.

"Leo..." Calypso whispered.


"Don't ever leave me? Please?" she begged and I could understand where she was coming from.

I smiled gently and kissed her on the forehead. "Never in a million years, Sunshine."


Our ride was a horse drawn carriage complete with hot chocolate and blankets in the back in case we got cold. White horses with black manes and tails pulled the carriage as Calypso and I sat in the back and cuddled up against each other as we rode through the city that never sleeps. We passed through Times Square and looked at all the glowing, bright billboards that illuminated the night, passed by people who smiled and waved at us and we waved back and made our way uptown to a fancy looking restaurant called 'Gramercy Tavern'.

"No way," Calypso gasped as we stopped outside the restaurant. "This is where we're going?"

"Seems like it," I grinned and stepped off the carriage. "M'lady?"

I offered Calypso a had all gentleman like and she happily accepted it as I helped her down from the carriage. We linked arms as we walked on inside and stepped up to the host's station where we were to ask for our table.

"Ah, such a lovely young couple," the host smiled as he spoke with a slight French accent. "What can I do for you?"

"We have a reservation for two," I said.

The host looked down at his book and scanned up and down the page. "And what would the name be under?"

"Valdez?" it came out more as a question rather than a statement. I was hoping it was under my name.

"I don't seem to have-" the man paused and then smiled. "Oh no, it's right here for table twenty-two. Come, I will show you where you're to be seated."

I let out a small sigh of relief and Calypso squeezed my arm slightly as we followed the man to our table. It was a single table with two chairs on wither side and a white tablecloth spread over it with sparkling wine glasses and a candle in the middle, as well as our table number. The host smiled and gestured to it and we thank him mas he headed off. I pulled out Calypso's chair for her and she happily sat down in it. I sat down in my own chair and we waited for a waiter to come by.

"So," Calypso said, sparking up a conversation. "Who do you think set this up for us?"

I shrugged and ran a hand through my hair. "Honestly I don't know, but I'm glad someone did. It's actually nice to have a proper dinner with you then to stuff our face with junk food."

Calypso laughed and rested her arms on the table. "I would've thought it was Aphrodite to be honest. I mean, this is her kinda thing, right?"

I nodded. "Could be but you never know," I reached my hand across the table and grabbed hers, rubbing my thumb over her knuckles. "But enough about our mysterious benefactor. Let's just enjoy ourselves before we head off tomorrow, okay?"

Calypso smiled and gave a slight nod. "Okay."


Dinner was delicious. I ordered the smoked artic char and Calypso got the shiitake mushrooms and black garlic vinaigrette. It was amazing! After that we got a shared dessert of concord grape sorbet. Once we had stuffed our bellies full, we called for a waiter so we could pay but surprisingly, the dinner was also already paid for as well. With grins on our faces and stomachs full of expensive and delicious food, we left the restaurant and went back to the hotel by the horse drawn carriage, ready ti sleep the night off and leave for Long Island tomorrow.


"Oh my gods, I am so full!" Calypso exclaimed as we entered out hotel room and walked into our shared room. "I could sleep for days on a full stomach like this!"

"Never had anything like that on Ogygia, huh?" I smiled as I took off my shoes and coat.

"Well I mean, I could have whatever I wanted but having something cooked for you by real people it so much better," Calypso said and flopped down backwards onto the bed. "I seriously never want to go back there ever again

"Well I promise you never have to," I smiled and began unbuttoning my shirt.


"Really. I'm not letting you out of my sight ever again, I can promise you that."

Calypso smiled sheepishly and sat up. "I'm gonna go change into some more comfortable clothes."

"You do that," I replied as I threw my shirt on the floor and watched as Calypso went and got herself a loose shirt and trousers before heading into the bathroom to change.

We didn't stay up too long after that. We just got changed into our more comfortable sleeping clothes and put on the television as we snuggled up to each other and slowly but surely fell asleep, the T.V still playing.


I didn't know what the time was when I woke up but it was still dark out and Calypso wasn't anywhere to be seen. I sat up and looked at where she lay previously in the bed with a thrown back quilt cover and messy sheets.

"Calypso?" I called out sleepily as I rubbed my eyes. "Where are you?"

Thankfully, she replied. "I'm just in the bathroom, Leo. Calm down, no need to get your trousers in a twist."

I smirked and lay back down. "Good..." I mumbled as I made myself comfortable in the comfy bed.

I shut my eyes and tried to get back to sleep when I heard the toilet flush and then the sink running. I then heard footsteps walking along the carpet flooring, but stopping when they got to the bedroom door. I figured Calypso was doing something that I didn't need to worry about.

And then I heard a scream.

My eyes shot open and I bolted out of bed. "Calypso!" I shouted and ran out of the bedroom.

What I saw, terrified me.

Calypso was on the floor with a monster pinning her down and screaming for her life as she tried to get away. From what I could tell, the monster had leathery bat-like wings and was hunched over like an elderly old woman with back problems. As well as sharp claws that desperately needed a trim. Not wasting a moment too soon, I conjured up a fireball into my hand and got ready to throw.

"Hey!" I called to get the monsters attention.

Well it worked.

The monster stopped harassing Calypso and turned to look at me. I quickly noted down that it had glowing eyes and a mouth full of vicious, yellow fangs. I immediately tossed the fireball at the monster and it hit it square in the face, causing it to screech in pain and jump off of Calypso, giving her the chance to escape. The monster however quickly recovered and pounced straight for me. Without having a chance to defend myself, I was knocked down and pinned to the ground with the thing on my chest. It screech in my face and I winced away.

"Ever heard of a breath mint?" I coughed and the monster just screech again. "I guess not."

I shoved the creature off of me and stood up. I didn't know where Calypso had gone but I was glad she was safe, away from... whatever this thing was.

"You can't protect her, half-blood," it hissed. Oh so it talks. "My sisters and I have strict orders that the girl is to be returned to her prison and stay there. It is ordered by the gods."

Sisters? Prison? What did it mean? And what did the gods want with Calypso? Just then, two more creatures flew in through the window and they landed right beside the first monster. It was three against one. Let's do this. I am so gonna fail.

Before I had even got the chance to attack, one of the creatures pull out a fiery whip that flickered with deadly flames and flicked it around my ankles and yanked, causing me to fall backwards and hit my head on the ground. The wind escape my lungs and I was left gasping for air as my head spun and black dots spotted my vision. My hearing had gone distant and I couldn't seem to move. Al I could do was watch the three monsters head for the bathroom door and force it open as they dragged Calypso out. I heard her screaming and that was enough to bring me to my senses.


"Leave her alone!" I shouted and tried to sit up, pain shooting through my skull and making me dizzy.

But they didn't seem to care about me as they dragged a screaming and kicking Calypso towards the window and throw her out of it , with one of the monsters following after her.

"No!" I screamed as I felt my heart shatter in my chest. What had they done?

The other two monsters jumped out as well and I got to my feet as quickly as I could (my head still spinning) and made my way over to the window. I looked out and saw nothing below and no dead body splattered on the ground.


I whipped my head around to the sound of the voice and saw Calypso being carried through the air by the three monster bats.

"CALYPSO!" I shouted and quickly turned around to grab Festus's whistle out of my tool belt and blew it as hard as I could (wow that sounds wrong).

Next, I had no idea what I was doing, I honestly wasn't thinking straight. All I knew was that Calypso had been taken and I was going to do everything in my power to get her back. Which leads us to my next stunt of jumping out of the window. Now I didn't have a parachute or wing suit, but I did have a 50 tonne weight mechanical bronze dragon.

Festus flew right under me and I landed perfectly on his back. It hurt though but I didn't care, I just had to Calypso back.

"Quick, Festus, follow those-" I wanted to point to those creatures that took Calypso but they weren't anywhere in sight. I groaned in frustration. "Festus, fly upwards so we can get a better look."

Responding immediately, Festus flapped his giant wings and flew up high above the rooftops of the cities skyscrapers. Cars beeped and drove around under us and the city's lights were made it almost impossible to see where they were but I quickly spotted them heading straight for the Hudson River.

"There, Festus!" I pointed to where those three monsters were as they carried Calypso. "Get 'em boy!"

Festus roared and shot off through the city, after the three kidnappers.

As big and heavy Festus was, he was pretty fast and we caught up to the three monsters and Calypso in no time. We got closer and closer with each passing moment and when I figured we were closer enough, I got myself a fireball and lofted it towards the creatures. It missed one of them by a few centimetres but it turned around and saw us in pursuit and wandered the others. Calypso turned around and relief  washed over her face.

"Leo! You came for me!" she called and her voice almost got carried away with the wind but I heard her.

"Of course I did, Sunshine. Did you think I would ever abandon you?"

A huge grin grew onto Calypso's face but ti quickly disappeared when the bat thing suddenly threw her to it's companion and she screamed.

"Hang on, Calypso!" I called. "I'm coming!"

Thinking Festus couldn't go any faster, I asked him to go as fast as he could and he shot off like a rocket, closing in on the bat monsters like a cat after a mouse. I threw another fireball at one of the monsters and it hit it square in the back, causing it to fall off course and head down straight into the water, dissolving into golden monster dust as it vanished.

We were now heading out towards where the Hudson River formed into the ocean and Calypso and the two remaining beasts were still flying strong. Why they hadn't flown back to attack me, I don't know. I was only concerned with getting Calypso back safe in my arms, away from these monsters.
The sky suddenly went dark and lightning lit everything up, followed by an earsplitting boom of thunder. Festus was flying so fats that even for a hot guy like me (pun intended) the air was cold as we flew and I had to hold on tightly as we flew after the bats things. More lightning cracked and it was closer to us this time but I paid no attention to it. I just got myself another fireball and ditched it at the second monsters. Like it's 'sister', it's wings caught fire and it fell into the watery depths. Only one to go.


"Almost there Calypso, just-"

One last crack of lightning struck and it hit Festus dead on, causing his to spasm and twitch viciously. I had trouble keeping him going but it didn't take long for him to fully malfunction and all his circuits fried as he stopped moving and we began to fall.


"LEO!" I heard Calypso call as we fell down hundreds of feet.


Wind whipped in my ears and I tried to figure out someway - any way- to get Festus back up and running to go after Calypso. But it was no use, his wires were fried and his circuits busted. We fell towards the water and landed in the water with a great big, might splash. Festus sunk beneath the water but I tried to swim back up to the surface, even though it was useless as Calypso was impossible to reach by now.

Once I broke the water's surface, I gasped for air and seared the skies for any sign of Calypso and the final monstrosity that took. Nothing. Zilch. Zip. Nada.


She was gone, and I had failed to keep her safe.

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