Being an orphan your whole life isn't easy. Especially not when you being chased by monsters every so often.
My life's not a picnic, trust me, but when you suddenly find out that you're a child of the Greek gods, it doesn't get much better.

But here's the thing, I don't have a clue who my godly parent is, and when I'm taken to this 'special' camp and supposed to be claimed my first day there, let's just say that it doesn't go as smoothly as hoped.


6. CHAPTER SIX - I get knocked out by a fish

Making my way to the amphitheatre where all the other half-bloods were gathering for some sing-alongs, I slowly walked by myself as groups of friends walked together, smiling, laughing and talking amongst themselves while I was lonely and people stayed well away from me. I huffed. It was fine, I was going to runaway again anyways. I didn't belong here.
As I walked by myself, minding my own business, an arm suddenly found it's way around the back of my neck and around my shoulders. I looked to my left to see the girl who I had picked an argument with before back at the dining pavilion, grinning down at me like I had just won a noble prize.

"Hey there, short stuff," Clarisse said. "Pretty good show you put on today in the mess hall, ya know, with the butter knife and all."

I shrugged her arm off me. "Go away," I mumbled, walking faster.

Clarisse walked faster too. "You know, I just wanted to apologise for my behaviour before. I was wrong about you."

I said nothing as Clarisse just kept on talking. Who knew she was such a chatterbox?

"You're actually pretty cool, for an undetermined demigod that is, but that'll change soon enough, once you're godly parent claims you that is," Clarisse smiled at me. "It'd be awesome if you were my sister, I'd promise you'd have the best time here at cam-"

"I'm not you sister," I interrupted.

"Oh?" Clarisse raised an eyebrow and looked at me in the corner of her eye. "Then were you already claimed with the symbol of Ares floating above your head?"

I looked over at Clarisse. "You're a daughter of Ares?"

Clarisse smirked smugly. "And proud. Sure he can be a bit... cruel, arrogant and impetuous mostly, but that's who he is, and why he's such an awesome dad."

I rolled my eyes. I really don't care about her dad. "If Ares is your father, Clarisse, than I am definitely not your sister."

Clarisse looked at me quizzically. "And how would you know that?"

I opened my mouth to say something but was cut off by a, "WATCH OUT!"

I turned around at the last second to see something come charging straight towards me. Too stunned to even register the events fast enough, I was suddenly push down onto the ground by something heavy and metal laying on my chest. Then it... barked?

"Holy Hephaestus, I am so sorry," a male voice chuckled as I heard footsteps running towards me. "Éxallos, down boy!"

The mechanical thing didn't obey and instead licked my face with something wet. Eww!

"Éxallos! back!"

The mechanical thing whimpered and obediently obeyed as it hopped off of my chest and I could breathe again. Holy Hades (well that's new. Must be picking up on the demigod slang). Then the thing barked and ran off somewhere I don't really care about.

"Oh my gods, I am so sorry," a boy laughed and extended a hand to help me up. "Éxallos still has some... problems that need fixing."

I looked up at the boy and examined his features, He looked like a Latino imp with an elfish-grin plastered on his face, a mop of messy, black, curly hair, pointy ears and a slim build with dark brown eyes that had this glint in them that looked like he had had taken in way more caffeine than he should have. His face and clothes were covered in grease, oil and dirt, although he didn't seem to mind. He had a tool belt around his waist, brown jeans that were stained with oil, construction work boots and a dirty, in dire need of a wash, not-so-white shirt with rolled up sleeves to the elbows and something orange peaking out just under the unbuttoned collar. Probably a 'CHB' shirt like all the other campers.
I stared at his hand doubtfully. Since my 'incident' at the Hermes' table, I wasn't too keen to go head on into things just yet. Even if it was a simple gesture, or a joke like Irene did.

"C'mon, I don't bite," the boy smiled, but I still didn't take his hand. The boy shrugged and sighed. "Suit yourself."

Usually after a while of me being completely stubborn, the person just walks away like I was never there. But this guy? I guess he was just as stubborn as I was. Instead of casually waltzing away, he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me up off of the ground.

"Hey!" I exclaimed as he pulled me up. "Back off, grease head."

I collided into the guys chest and realized that he wasn't much taller than me, only by a couple of inches. His body temperatures was warm and his breath smelled like mints. Yeah, I was pretty close to him if you hadn't realized.

"Umm, you can leave me alone now," I said, trying to get out of his grasp but he wouldn't let go. Talk about creepy.

"You have really pretty eyes..." he muttered, not thinking I could hear him.


The boy suddenly came to his senses and blushed furiously. "I-I-I mean, y-you have some... umm, oil stuff on you cheek," he stammered. "Here, l-let me get it for you."

Grease boy took out a Kleenex wipe from his tool belt and started wiping the oil off of my cheek.

"Oh gods, it's only smudging," the boy said and tucked away the wipe in a pocket in his pants. "Let me try-"

"No, no, it's okay," I interrupted, wiping it off with the sleeve from the leather jacket Thalia gave me. I then wiped it on the boy's shirt as it couldn't get any dirtier. "There, all better."

The boy chuckled. "Not quite," he lifted his hand up to my face and wiped away some leftover oil just under my eye. "There, now you're all better."

I flashed the guy a small smile and looked over his shoulder. "Is that you robot over there?"

They guy stepped away from me slightly - finally letting me go - and looked behind to him to the a mechanical dog-looking thing running around and crashing into almost everything.

The boy sighed. "Yeah, he's a new invention of mine. He's called Éxallos."

I looked up at the boy quizzically. "You know that means 'haywire' in Greek, right?"

Éxallos was now running around campers, trying to leak on their legs if you know what I'm saying. Some of the demigods didn't seem to happy about that.

"Exactly," the boy grinned as he took out an assortment of gears and wires out of his tool belt and start fidgeting with the. How did he keep everything in there? "Since he's a prototype, Éxallos can be a bit... well-"

"Haywire?" I added, smirking at how actually ingenious the name was. "Well if he's like that, I'd better let you get back to trying to make him less haywire."

As I turned to go, the boy looked up from his gizmo and placed it back in his tool belt. "Hey, wait!" he grabbed onto my arm and I looked back at him, half of his face glowing in the quickly fading sunlight. "I never caught you're name."

"Anna," I said simply. "My name's, Anna."

The boy grinned and let go of my arm. "Well I'm, Leo, bad boy supreme!"

I rolled my eyes at his silly nickname. "I prefer to stick with grease head."

Leo was about to say something back when he was interrupted by Éxallos barking as the dog chased after some screaming girl campers, thinking it was a game.

"ÉXALLOS!" Leo shouted and ran after his out-of-control machine.

I giggled slightly as I watched him run over and tackle the metal dog (which I'm shocked that he could even do that considering how it was made out of pure metal) and flicked a switch as the light in Éxallos' faded and he shut down. Leo huffed and glanced up at me, grinning as he waved. I smirked back and turned on my heel as I headed to the amphitheatre where the Apollo kids would do the sing-along. I could feel Leo watching me as I walked away and out of sight. Shame it would only be his first (and last) time he saw me.


A golden fire roared in the campfire as the campers sung their weird songs and enjoyed each others presence. Me? I just sat to myself in the furthest corner, away from everyone as I watched them be happy and laughed as they enjoyed themselves with the music and their friends. None of them acknowledged me, only a few glanced my way but returned their attention to their friends once I caught them looking. I sighed. At least they wouldn't mind if I was gone tomorrow.
I found a few people I recognised. There was Piper sitting with Annabeth and a few other people with the sea green eyed boy - Percy - wrapping an arm around Annabeth, Clarisse was leaning against what seemed to be her boyfriend with similar features to the Hermes' kids. I recognised him from earlier today and I don't think he likes me after I nearly hit his brother in the head with a butter knife. I also found Leo sitting with other oil stained kids, all laughing and joking around. They seemed... at home. Whereas for me, I was an outsider. I didn't belong here and I never will.
As I had begun to get up off of my seat, Chiron went up to the front and addressed the crowd.

"SILENCE!" he bellowed, immediately quietening the crowd, although the fire sill blazed golden, showing off their happy and excited emotions. "Tonight, we have a new camper joining us at out camp."

Chiron's gazed scanned the crowd until they finally rested on me. He gestured for me to come down and with everyone's eyes on me, watching my every move, I had no choice but to go down there. Please let me fall and hit my head hard enough that I die.
Unfortunately, that didn't happen and I made it to the front of the amphitheatre safely, without any injuries. The campfire had diminished a bit as was now an orange colour, like any ordinary fire, but with a tinge of red to its flames. I could tell them campers were not happy that I was here, and not just from the campfire either. Their faces said it all too.
I stood next to Chiron, staring at the ground as he spoke to the campers.

"Tonight, we welcome Anna Hendry to our beloved Camp Half-Blood," Chiron announced, placing a hand on my back. "The gods have yet to claim her, but by first light tomorrow, her parentage shall be known!"

"But what if she isn't claimed?!" someone called.

"Well she has to be," Percy explained. "The gods promised and swore on the River Styx after all."

A few mummers of agreement came from the crown and Chiron once again called for silence. However, just as he was about to say something, a girl curly red hair burst out of the trees and collapsed onto the ground from exhaustion.

"RACHEL!" Annabeth shouted and removed Percy's arm off of her as she ran down to the fallen girl. "Rachel, are you okay?!"

Annabeth put one of the girl's arms over her shoulder and lifted her up. This girl - who I found out is called, Rachel - looked as if she hadn't slept in days. There were dark circles under her eyes and her legs were shaking so badly they looked as if they could hold anymore weight. Everyone watched in shock as Rachel caught her breath and looked up at the crowd of demigods. Her eyes looked everywhere until they landed on the centaur.

"Chiron, I-I have news... f-from Olympus," she breathed heavily and everyone watched intently. "The gods... th-the gods..." and then she passed out against Annabeth.

Chiron didn't waste a second. "Bring her to the Big House immeidatly, she needs medical attention. Everyone else, off to bed."

A series of groans came from the campers but they obeyed nonetheless. One by one, each and every demigod made their way back to their cabins as the curly, red-haired girl was carried off to the Big House (Piper showed it to me before). Having no other choice, I walked with the Hermes' kids back to their cabin and just as I was about to go in, I heard Clarisse call my name.

"Anna, hold up!" she called as she jogged up to the cabin. I let her catch her breath before continuing. "Sorry above ditching you before. My boyfriend, Chris, caught up to me and took me to the campfire."

"That's okay," I said. "It's understandable."

"Not really," Clarisse huffed. "Well, I just wanted you to know, that not matter who you're claimed by or what cabin you're in, the children of Ares will always welcome you. Unless you're the daughter of Poseidon, than we can't help you."

I was about to ask 'why', but Clarisse had already said goodnight and had headed off towards the Ares cabin. I sighed. Well, at least a few people will be disappointed when I leave. Shame I won't see them again.
I walked into the Hermes cabin, all eyes on me. I suddenly felt incredibly insecure and wrapped my arms around myself. I wonder where I was going to sleep? Better ask then.

"Umm... where am I going to sleep?" I asked, my voice quiet.

"On the floor," said a boy I recognised as Connor, sitting on his bed as he read a comic with his lip swollen and his tone having a hint of anger in it. "It's where you deserve to be."

"O-okay..." I mumbled and made my way to the back of the cabin, where I found my stuff on the floor in a dark corner by a sleeping bag and a pillow.

The Hermes kids quietly got themselves changed into their pyjamas as I sat with by legs crossed and twiddled my thumbs, thinking about my plan of escape. A black shadow stood over me and I looked up to see Irene standing above me with a not-so-happy look on her face. My gut sunk as I stared at her face. It looked terrifying.

"So," Irene spat and crossed her arms. "What's so special about that screwdriver?"

I raised and eyebrow. "Whataya mean?"

Irene let out a breath through her nose. "I mean, what's so special about a damn screwdriver for you to cut my brother over for? He was only joking around."

I looked back down at my thumbs and pursed my lips. "It's special to me."

"Special?" by now, almost everyone in the cabin was watching us apart from Connor and a few other kids. "In what way?"

I looked up at Irene with an annoyed glare in my eyes. "You really wanna know?"

"Uh, kinda," Irene snapped.

I sighed. "Fine. I'll show you."

I took out Vixen from my back pocket and twister the handle. A metre long, bronze sword appeared and made Irene step back a bit so it wouldn't cut her.

"Relax," I said. "It won't hurt you unless I swing it at you and it cuts your skin."

"And that reassures me, how?!" Irene seethed.

I rolled my eyes. "It's not, it's a warning that if you provoke me like he did today," I pointed Vixen at Connor. "Then I'm gonna make you draw blood."

Irene just stared at me with daggers and headed to her bunk. "Pray to the gods that you're not a daughter of Hermes, otherwise you'll have the worst time of your life here."

I rolled my eyes and sheathed Vixen. "Whatever," I mumbled and tucked Vixen under my pillow, not bothering to get into my pyjamas or get into the sleeping bag.

It was final. I was getting out of here. Tonight.


The time was 11:52pm (I checked someone's wristwatch they had on who was in the nearest bunk) and by now, everyone in the Hermes cabin was snoring their heads off peacefully. That wouldn't miss me, that's for sure. Hell, they'd probably even imagine I was never here.
I silently sat up and got Vixen out from under my pillow and looked around the cabin. Not a single shuffle of movement happened and I was in the clear. I quietly stood up, picked up my bags and crept as quiet as a mouse to the door. I had vaguely mesmerised the creaky floor boards and tried to avoid them as much as possible, even though I stepped on one or two. Eventually, I made it the door and took out my trusty lock picks from the side pocket in my duffel bag and attempted to unlock the door. This lock was liked nothing I've ever attempted to unlock, however, I was persistent and got there eventually (pausing a couple of times when the person in the nearest bunk to the door sleep talked about chocolate waffles or something).
I put the lock picks back in my bag and slowly turned the knob on the door before swinging it open and walking out into the fresh, pine air. I inhaled and sighed. This was it, no going back (thank goodness). I shut the door behind me with a soft 'click' and walked down the wooden steps of the Hermes cabin. My feet hit the floor and I sighed in relief. This was easier than I thought!
I began to make my way passed all the cabins, remembering each ones name as I passed and slightly felt regretful that I couldn't stay longer and at least try and get to know the other campers. Eh, they'd probably wouldn't talk to me anyways. I was an outcast, I have been and always will be.
As I was passing the canoe lake, I felt somebody watching me. I turned around in time just to see some wood nymphs melt back into their trees and disappear from sight. I sighed. Pesky things, trying to fool me into thinking s-

"You look a little lost there."

I jumped in the air slightly as I let out a small yelp. I quickly covered my mouth in case anyone heard me and spun around so fast that I could've snapped my own neck. I searched the darkness so find the source of the voice but finding no one.

"Over here."

I turned to face the canoe lake and saw someone standing in the water with a rock in their hand. There were watching me with their sea green eyes and I instantly recognised him from the dining pavilion and who seemed to be Annabeth's boyfriend.

"Percy?" I questioned, my voice just above a whisper. "What are you doing out this late?"

He chuckled and skipped a rock. "Could ask you the same question... Anna, right?"

I bit the inside of my cheeks and nodded. "H-how'd you know I was out here?"

Percy looked around for another rock to skip before he answered. "Before, at the amphitheatre. You had this look in your eyes that looked like you were up to something," Percy explained as he picked up a smooth, curved rock. "And when Chiron made you come down in front of everyone, you looked terrified."

I scoffed. "Terrified? I was anything but terrified," I said. "But that still doesn't explain how you knew I was running away."

Percy smirked slightly. "Oh so that's what you're doing?"

I blinked. "You mean, you didn't know I was leaving?"

Percy shook his head and skipped the stone. "Nope. But something told me that you would be walking by the canoe lake out passed curfew. So, I took the liberty of standing here and waiting for you, hopefully to find out what you were doing, and guess what? I did just that."

I sighed, annoyed that my plan wasn't as easy as I had thought. "So what are going to do now? Take me into Chiron and tell him what I was planning to do?"

Again, Percy shook his head and looked at me. "No. I'm going to let you go."

I raised an eyebrow at him. "Seriously? Just like that?"

He nodded. "Just like that."

I shrugged. "Well then, it was nice knowing you."

I turned on my heel and began walking away but Percy called me back.

"Wait!" he sighed.

I internally groaned and spun around to face him. "What?"

Percy looked at me with desperate eyes. "I know I can't force you to stay, but maybe I can change your mind."

I folded my arms against my chest. "Really? And how would you do that?"

Percy looked down into the water solemnly. "Before I was claimed, it was just my mom, me and my stupid stepfather, Gabe," Percy began. I sighed and rolled my eyes, well I guess it's story time with Percy! "It was just us three up until I was twelve, and let me tell you that it wasn't the best years of my life. Gabe was rube, obnoxious, deceitful, inconsiderate and just the worst. I gave him the nickname 'Smelly Gabe' because of how incredibly bad he smelled. He used to abuse my mom as well, which I had no idea about until a day where I saw her flinch when Gabe's hand was raised into the air. I hated Gabe with a passion and was happy when we finally got rid of him."
Percy paused for a moment before continuing. How long was this going to go for? "Anyways, when I was twelve, I went to this school called Yancy Academy. It was a school for 'troubled' kids like me and we were on this field trip at a museum. Mr. Brunner - who was actually Chiron in disguise - was my Latin teacher who was leading the trip along with my pre-algebra teacher, Mrs. Dodds. The thing is though, Mrs. Dodds wasn't all she was cut out to be. She was one of the three Furies, a monster of Vengeance who served Hades," the ground shook but only for a moment. "She was sent to retrieve Hades' helm of darkness, which neither of us didn't know that I didn't have."

I groaned. "Can you just skip to the part where you're supposed to be changing my mind, even though it probably won't work?" I exasperated, growing more and more annoyed by Percy's jibber-jabbering.

Percy smirked but only briefly. "You really want to get out of here, don't you?"

I nodded enthusiastically. "Pretty much."

"Well then, I'd better continue on with the story."

I let out a loud groan. "If you're not going to hurry up, then I'm leaving."

I began to turn on my heel and get away as fast as I could, but Percy said something that caught my attention.

"My father's Poseidon."

I froze. "What?" I said, turning around.

"You heard me," Percy looked up at me through his hair that had fallen down in front of his eyes. "My dad is the god of the sea."

I stared at him with wide eyes. "You're joking, right?"

Percy grinned and shook his head. "I'm not, and I can prove it."

"How?" I raised an eyebrow.


Percy faced the water and nothing happened for a while until he fell face first into the lake, the water submerging him. I waited a couple of moments, wondering if I should take this chance and make a ran for it, but Percy suddenly then shot out of the water on a pillar made entirely made up of H2O. I stared up at him in awe.

"Holy Hephaestus," I muttered as I looked at the boy standing on the pillar of water. "How'd you do that?!"

Percy smirked knowingly. "Told you I'm a son of Poseidon."

A giant grin plastered itself onto my face as I watched Percy walk forward, the water following him as he lowered himself back on to the ground, completely dry.

"Okay, now that is cool," I admitted. Which it was to be honest.

Percy smiled. "I owe it all to my dad."

"You're dad?" I asked, confused. "How do you owe it to your dad?"

"Well if he didn't claim me, I wouldn't have been able to explore my powers fully and wouldn't be able to do cool things like you just saw," Percy explained. "Well I could but that's not the point. See, as a demigod, lots of strange things happen to you out in the mortal world that you can't explain. Like me for instance, I had quite the number of unexplainable incidents myself. However, as I got to camp and my dad claimed me, it all made sense. Most of it anyway. I met my friends, Annabeth and Grover - who's a satyr - and basically saved the world with them. As well as my half-brother, Tyson," Percy chuckled. "And to think, it's all because of my dad."

I stared at Percy for a moment, taking it all in. "So you're saying, you saved the world with your girlfriend and best friend just by being claimed by your dad?" I stated, crossing my arms. "Wow, bunch of bull if you ask me."

Percy stared at me like I had just killed a puppy. "You seriously don't believe me, after what I just showed you with my powers?!"

I shrugged. "You could just be making it up for all I know."

"But I'm not!" Percy exclaimed, sounding desperate. "If you go out of that border, I guarantee you'll be attacked by monsters first thing. It's safer at camp, trust me."

"I'll survive," I retorted and turned on my heel, walking away.

"Anna!" Percy groaned and ran up to me, walking by my side as I headed for the giant pine tree. "Please just wait a few hours and then you'll be claimed. You'll guarantee to make friends I'm su-"

"I'M NOT CLAIMED, PERCY!" I finally shouted, pausing on the spot and looking him dead in the eyes, aggravated. "Do you know what date it is?"

Percy blinked and rubbed the back of his neck as he thought about it. "Umm... November 28th?" he answered, making it sound more of a question than an answer.

I shook my head. "That was yesterday, Percy. Yesterday! Which means that today is the 29th and I haven't been claimed by my godly parent at all," tears brimmed my eyes. "I don't belong, Percy, don't you see?"

Percy just stared at me with an expression of disbelief. "But... but the gods swore-"

"Oh, who cares what the gods did, Percy?!" I exclaimed, a few tears rolling down my cheeks. "I don't belong here and I never will."

With nothing left to say, I left Percy where he was and made my way to the border of the camp. I hugged myself as tears slowly cascaded down my cheeks as I walked. I'll never belong, no matter where I am.
Just as I passed the Big House, I had the strangest feeling I was being followed. As I turned around, a sharp pain went through the back of my head and I was too taken by surprise to scream as I plummeted to the floor. Darkness clouding my vision.
The last thing I saw before I passed out was a pair of sea green eyes, looking down at me apologetically as my eyes closed into complete blackness.

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