Being an orphan your whole life isn't easy. Especially not when you being chased by monsters every so often.
My life's not a picnic, trust me, but when you suddenly find out that you're a child of the Greek gods, it doesn't get much better.

But here's the thing, I don't have a clue who my godly parent is, and when I'm taken to this 'special' camp and supposed to be claimed my first day there, let's just say that it doesn't go as smoothly as hoped.


9. CHAPTER NINE - Leo has a pet dragon


Leo and I stayed on the fallen tree for gods know how long and just... talked. Believe me, I'm not very much of a talker but Leo just made it seem like it was the easiest thing in the world. He always cracked the stupidest and silliest jokes, he was a hopeless flirt (although I think he knew he was) and he just made me smile. The horrible reunion with Diana slipped from my mind as I sat and chatted with grease head. It was nice.

Until we were interrupted.


"LEO! ANNA!" I heard Annabeth call. "WHERE ARE YOU?!"


Leo and I looked at each other in alarm. Oh Styx.


"What do we do?" I asked, not wanting to get caught. Even though we'd done nothing wrong, I didn't want to go back and face Diana just yet.


"We run," and with that, Leo grabbed my hand and jumped over the log with me in tow.


"Hey!" I chided. "Careful!"


"Sorry, butterfly," Leo replied; laughing, but kept on running.


Leo was practically dragging me through the forest as we ran away from the sound of the voices, laughing like lunatics as we kept tripping and stumbled over roots and small bushes. I have never had so much fun running in my entire life (and running is never that fun). I don't know how far we got but I knew that the voices were way far behind us.

We slowed down eventually because we were both exhausted and out of breath and started walking, Leo still holding my hand.


"You know, you can let go of me if you want," I said as we trekked through the forest.


"Oh, umm... s-sorry," Leo stammered and let go of my hand.


I noticed smoke coming from his arms, actually from all over his body. I was about to point to out when I accidentally tripped on a rock and fell forward. I let out a small yelp and crashed into Leo, causing both of us to fall over onto the ground with our faces centimetres from each other as I lay on top of him. Oh my gods! This is not happening!


Leo just smirked mischievously. "You could at least buy me dinner first."


I rolled my eyes. "You're hopeless, Valdez."


"And you're hot, your point is?" Leo's eyes went as wide as mine when he realised what he said. "STYX! I-I didn't mean that! Well, I did and you are hot it's just that- AHH!" Leo cried, attempting to fix up what he said.


I laughed and pecked him on the cheek. "It's okay, grease head. You're not too bad yourself."

Leo's cheeks went as red as a tomato and I could feel his body temperature rising. I giggled and got off of him.


"C'mon, get up," I said and stood up. "We need to find someplace safe so that no one can find us."


Leo looked up t me and raised an eyebrow with a sly smirk. "Where no one can find us, huh?"


I stared at him in disbelief and kicked his shin.


"OW!" he shouted and held his leg. "No need to get violent!"


"Well there's no need to be a dirty minded idiot but you are anyways," I laughed. "Now get up off the floor before an animal decides that you're apart of it and poops on your face."


Leo rolled his eyes and stood up with a little bit of struggle from the pain in his leg. He used a nearby tree for support as he stood on one leg.


"It can't be that bad," I said


"Well you kick pretty hard," Leo retorted. "Come on, I'll take us to a place where we can be alone," I was about to kick him again when he stopped me. "I meant somewhere where they won't find us, I MEAN- oh forget it, just follow me."


Leo hobbled along like a wounded animal through the forest with me following in tow. Where in the Hades are we going? I followed Leo until we came to a limestone cliff that looked about one-hundred feet tall. Nothing was around but trees and wildlife with a few unnatural screeches coming from different directions. I jumped a few times which only caused Leo to laugh.


"It's okay, butterfly. Nothing's gonna hurt you," Leo chuckled.


"And how do you know that?" I asked, looking around frantically for any signs of danger.

"Because where we're going, nothing can get in except me," Leo said.


I turned around to see what he meant and saw this giant, glowing red door in the cliff face that was about five times as tall as Leo. I stared up at it in awe as Leo pushed it open, his leg seeming much better.


"Coming in?" Leo smirked with an eyebrow raised.


I was speechless at the sight in front of me so I just nodded. I swear that door wasn't there a moment ago.

I followed Leo inside the magical door which shut behind us as we stepped foot inside. The place was huge! A mechanic would be living the dream if they ever saw this place. Tools, pieces of materials, work tables, blueprints for gods knows what, weapon schematics and a... giant dragon?! Holy Hades, this was insane!


"Like it?" Leo grinned as I stared at the place and looked around in complete awe.


"What is this place?" I asked, turning around and looking at the roof as I walked.


"Bunker 9," Leo said. I feel a story coming on. "It's been around for about 200 years when the Demigod Civil War broke out between Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood. It was the old Hephaestus cabin; thus the name Bunker 9. It's where Hephaestus kids would come and build and make weapons to fight with and where some demigods would come for somewhere safe while they healed themselves and plan out battle strategies. It's also been said that some of the stuff on these blueprints would take centuries to build."


I looked all around the place. This was amazing!


"How'd you find it?" I glanced at Leo as I was looking at some random blueprints. "Surely you can't have just stumbled upon that magic door back there."


A small grin flashed on Leo's face and her gestured to the sleeping, Celestial Bronze dragon that had puffs of smoke floating out of it's nose. "This guy here, actually. I found him in the forest in a trap set up by the other Hephaestus kids. Back then, there's was this... 'curse' after this guys death where anything children of Hephaestus would make, it would turn bad and they'd have to destroy it. The dragon also belong to this guy, Charlie Beckendorf, or something, and went haywire after he died. People tried to capture him but that just couldn't, not until I found him."


I watched Leo. Whatever this dragon was, it seemed to have a big impact on him.


Leo wandered over to the dragon and knelt beside him, placing a hand on it's nose, not affecting it's sleep at all. "The dragon was here in the forest, caught in one of the traps. To be honest, I was actually a bit scared, I mean, who wouldn't be? This giant freaking dragon trying to snap at you with it's big mouth and try and swipe you with it's claws? Yeah, not something I'd expect to be on my bucket list," Leo chuckled a bit.

"Anyway, I freed him and he led me here. I gave him some wings and the next day, I used him as transportation on a quest I had with Piper and Jason. It was amazing! However, we crashed landed in Omaha and he was destroyed. I was devastated about it but my dad, the fire god himself, was feeling sympathetic and carried him back here for me which I put him to good use."


I tilted my heard to the side, confused. "If you crash landed then how is he still in one piece, snoozing his head off?"

Leo grinned cheekily and stroked the dragon. "Well there was this Greek trireme called the Argo II. I had used his head as the masthead and brought him back to life, in a way," Leo explained. "He helped me control the Argo as we sailed through Greece to defeat Gaea - but that's a whole different story."

I was still confused. "But... if you used his as a masthead, where was his body?"

"Hidden within the ship," ha said and extended his knees as he stood up. "Once we got to the final battle, the ship crashed while I was still on board and everyone else was off. I pulled some switches, pushed some buttons and just before impact, he was whole again and we were ruling the sky like old times," a giant playful smile grew on Leo's face, but something seemed strained about it. "We fought with everyone else, kicking butt and whatnot, until..."

His expression dropped and his eyes seemed to go glassy. I was worried. "Leo," I spoke in my gentlest voice and took and few steps closer. "Is... everything, okay?"

Leo wiped his eyes and took a shaky breath. "Y-yeah, I'm fine," liar. "It's just that... there was this explosion and I kinda of, sorta... died..."

I was taken aback. "Died? I find that hard to believe since your skin and bones," I responded. "Or are you...?"

Leo chuckled half-heartedly. "No I'm alive, alright," he replied. "It's just that I had help from this... really bad potion that felt horrible and brought me back to life. Everyone thought I was dead."

I thought about that for a moment. Imagine being dead, then coming back to life whilst everyone else thought you were dead and then coming back and being like, 'Yo, what's up guys? Guess what? I didn't really die, I just faked it with these cool special effects and this really disgusting, wretched potion that brought me back to life! NBD.' Like, can you imagine people's faces and how upset they'd be? If someone pulled an April fool's joke on me like that, I'd kick their behinds so hard that they wouldn't be able to sit down for a week. That's just wrong dude.

"So after you... 'died'," I added the quotation marks with my fingers. "Did you come straight back afterwards or did you have a nice holiday somewhere else until you decided to come back."

Leo's shoulders sagged and his expression was very mournful and depressing. "Actually I went to this place called Ogygia, where I had met this girl once before," his tone was sad and sounded as if it was about to crack. "Her name was Calypso and she... she was just amazing. She had been given a curse that she didn't deserve and was said to live on that island forever, attending to heroes who came across her island and fall hopelessly in love with them, whether she liked them or not. It was the gods who put her there after the first Titan War when she sided with her father, Atlas - you know, the dude who holds up the sky?" I nodded my head slowly, although I had the most vaguest idea about what he was saying.

"Anyway," he continued. "They made her immortal and kept her there, making it impossible for her to escape. It was really depressing, living thousands of years by herself on that island, but from time to time, the gods sent a guy there and she had to make sure they the well rested and taken care of properly. I was one of those guys," Leo said, staring aimlessly at nothing as he took a trip down memory lane. "We hated each other at first - I don't blame her, I had crashed right in the middle of her dining table when I landed - and we stayed on our own separate parts of the island, doing our own thing. Anyways, long story short, she fell in love with me, like her curse made her do, and I was sent away."

"Did you ever go back?" I asked, enveloped in the story. I was a sucker for stories, good or bad, I just loved hearing the world told differently from someone else's angle.

A small smile played on Leo's lips and he ran a hand through his curls. "That's the thing though. The island was created so that no man could ever find it again and that it was impossible to even try to," he explained. "But I'm quite the master at breaking the rules... and I found her again. After I died and came back to life, I flew there of Festus with this cool astrolabe and a crystal from my previous time I had been there, and I found her," a saddened smile grew on Leo's face a few tears slipped, but he quickly brushed them away. "She already had her bags packed and after a quick reunion, we flew off into the unknown, unaware of where we were going just as long as we were together."

More tears fell and Leo tried to get rid of them as fast as he could but was failing miserable. Poor guy, this girl must've been special.

"Oh, Leo," I muttered and went over to him, stopping just a few feet in front of him. "It's okay, hey, it's okay."

I placed a hand on his cheek and he leaned his head into it, placing his hand on top of mine. I wiped away tears that slowly fell down his cheeks and moved his hair away from his eyes with my other hand.

"Leo," I said. "Look at me."

He glanced up and I noticed that his eyes were puffy and red with his soft brown eyes full of sorrow and mourn. Something happened with this girl Calypso and it didn't seem like it was a very happy moment.

"Do you mind telling me what happened?" I asked, wiping away another tear. "If that's alright with you, that is."

Leo took his hand away from mine and reached down into his tool belt and pulled out some Kleenex tissues and wiped his eyes. I took away my hand from his cheek and rubbed my arms, wondering what would happen next.
Leo blew his nose one more time and threw the tissue into a nearby bin and sighed.

Here goes nothing, I thought, as Leo opened his mouth to tell his tale.

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