Being an orphan your whole life isn't easy. Especially not when you being chased by monsters every so often.
My life's not a picnic, trust me, but when you suddenly find out that you're a child of the Greek gods, it doesn't get much better.

But here's the thing, I don't have a clue who my godly parent is, and when I'm taken to this 'special' camp and supposed to be claimed my first day there, let's just say that it doesn't go as smoothly as hoped.


5. CHAPTER FIVE - I'm pretty good at throwing knives

I lay on the side of the road, staring up at the clouds as I thought about was I was going to do next. I asked the Gray Sisters to take me to the Greek camp (whatever it was called), not some 'Delphi Strawberry Service' place that turned onto a dirt road and led up a hill behind me! ARGH! Why can't anything in my life be simple?

"Umm, excuse me?"

I turned my head to the left to be blinded by the sun (thanks, Apollo) and have to use my hand to see where the feminine voice was coming from. Her silhouette showed her having short, choppy, uneven hair with a slim figure and a backpack hanging from her shoulder. From what I could tell anyways.

"Are you lost?" the girl said.

I nodded. "I was supposed to be going to this Greek camp for demigods but from what I can see, all that's around here is a damn strawberry farm," I gestured to the landscape around us and heard the girl giggle

"You mean, Camp Half-Blood?"

I again nodded. "Is that what it's called?"

This time, it was the girl's turn to nod. "I'm actually heading there right now. I can take you there if you want?"

"That'd be great, thanks," I got up off the ground and pick up my bags before looking at the girl, properly this time.

Well I was right about her having short, choppy, uneven hair, but it was chocolate-brown and I didn't realize that she had two thin strands of hair, braided down onto her shoulders with a feather in one. Her skin was darkly tanned (not black) and her eyes looked like a kaleidoscope, switching from blue to green occasionally. She was beautiful I'll admit, but I don't swing that way if you know what I mean. If I did, I totally would go for it.

The girl looked at me and smiled, showing off perfectly straight and completely white teeth. "What's you name?"

"Anna," I said, picking up my bags and throwing them over my shoulders. "What's yours?"

"I'm Piper, Piper McLean," she held out a hand for me to shake and I gladly shook it. Glad to meet someone (other than the Hunters) who doesn't kill me straight away.

Just then, some trees rustled in the distance and a few birds flew into the air out of fear.

"We'd better go," Piper stated, noticing the moving trees. "It's not safe for us out here."

I nodded slightly and followed Piper in pursuit as she headed up the hill to where the strawberry farm was.

"Wait," I called, stopping Piper as she looked back at me. "Are you sure that's where camp is? Because-"

Piper just laughed. "Just trust me," she smiled and trekked up the hill.

I suppose if I want to get to this camp, I'll have to follow her. So, readjusting my grip on my bags, I followed Piper up the hill to where a huge freaking pine tree stood with strawberry fields and a red farmhouse with a white trim were standing at the bottom of the other side of the hill. When Piper walked passed the pine tree, she was suddenly meet by other people around all different ages smiling and greeting her like it had been years since they last saw her. I paused as a thought crossed my mind. What if they don't like me? What if they thought I wasn't fit to be a demigod and they cast me out, leaving me to survive on my own again like I've done for so long? What if-

"Hey, Anna!" Piper called over her shoulder. "You comin'?"

I bit my lip as I looked at Piper, all happy and content with her friends, before finally making a decision. I stepped passed the pine tree and stood by the girl who I first met down by the road.

Piper grinned at me and gestured to the strawberry farm below us. "Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!" she announced.

Only, it wasn't a strawberry farm liked I had seen on the other side of the pine tree. It was... well, a camp, but not like any camp I'd ever seen. It was huge! With a mansion-like blue house that had a white trim, a volleyball court, strawberry fields (surprisingly), a climbing wall that had, lava spewing out of it? The hell?! It also had numerous buildings by a forest that was alongside the sea and several other buildings like a giant half dome made out of stone and a circular arena looking thing where kids of all ages were going in and out of. What the hell was this place?!

"This is Camp Half-Blood?!" I asked, completely shocked by the state of the place. Not in a bad way, though.

"Mhmm," Piper hummed as she nodded. "Pretty amazing, huh?"

"You're telling me," I murmured as I took in every detail of the place.

"C'mon," Piper nudged me, pulling me out of my trance. "I'll show you around."

All I could do was follow in awe.


Piper showed me all the amazing things about Camp Half-Blood, as well as some tales of the quests she's been on.

"... now this is the amphitheatre," Piper explained as we walked passed the giant stone half dome. "It's where we come at the end of each day and sing songs with the Apollo kids. It's also where I was first claimed."

"Claimed?" I questioned, eyebrow raised. "What does that mean?"

Piper was about to answer when she was cut off by another voice.

"It means when you godly mother or father claims you as one of their own, thus placing you in one of the cabins."

Piper and I turned around to see a girl about sixteen with honey-coloured, curly blonde hair and deep gray eyes that looked like she was thinking about a zillion things per second. She was tall, fit and looked quite the athletic type with a natural tan and was wearing denim shorts and an orange shirt with 'CHB' on the front. Come to think of it, I think everyone was wearing a shirt similar to the blonde girl's. I wonder why Piper wasn't? She probably just hasn't had time to change with showing me around.

"Annabeth!" Piper exclaimed happily and ran to hug her.

"Hey, Piper," the girl - Annabeth - laughed and hugged Piper back. "Good to see you."

"You too," Piper chuckled. "Oh, Annabeth! Before I forget, I'd like you to meet a girl I meet at the bottom of half-blood hill. This is Anna."


Piper gestured to me and I waved slightly. "So you're, Annabeth, huh?" the blonde nodded. "Thalia told me about you."

Annabeth blinked as if she misheard. "Did you say, Thalia?"

I nodded. "She, along with the Hunters, saved me from a chimera attack and have been guiding me these past couple of weeks."

Annabeth smiled so big that it seemed to reach to her eyes. "Really?"

"Yep," I popped the 'p'. "She also defended you when some of the other Hunters weren't being too respectful about you being the daughter of Athena and that you weren't smart enough to be her daughter," I chuckled at the moment that happened not less than an hour ago. "She definitely put them in their place alright."

Annabeth smiled. "That's Thalia for you."

Just then, a horn sounded all over camp and other campers had begun to make their way over to the dining pavilion as Piper mentioned before.

"Come on, it's lunch time," Annabeth stated and began to walk with Piper to where everyone else was going.

"Umm, I think I'll pass," I called. "I've already eaten."

Both girls stopped and turned to face me with a gentle smile. Honestly, it was kinda creepy.

"That's okay, you can just offer your food to the gods," Piper said. "I'm sure it'll be okay."

I shrugged. "Okay then."

I followed the girls as we entered a building with no roof and random picnic tables with white tablecloths fringed with purple on them were placed in a random spot but still looked like they were in order. Demigods of all ages, sizes, colour and appearance filled most of the tables, leaving some with either only a few half-bloods sitting at them or none. Immediately, the girls separated and went off to different tales with demigods who look just like them. Well not exactly like them but similar in a way.
I stood at the entrance of the dining pavilion, looking completely lost on where to go. Everyone seemed to know exactly where they were going to eat but me? I looked like a lost puppy and stood out like a sore thumb. Maybe I could just sneak away and no one would notice? They didn't seem to know I was here anyway.

As I turned around to get away, I bumped into a firm body figure and stumbled backwards slightly. "Oi, watch it, punk!"

I tilted my head slightly backwards slightly to see a buff-looking girl with shoulder length, choppy, light brown hair and brown eyes that looked like a pigs, stare down at me with a vicious snarl and a murderous glare. She looked terrifying.

"Sorry, I'll be sure to open my eyes next time," I said. "Although it's pretty hard to miss someone your size.

The girls nostrils flared. "Excuse me?!"

I folded my arms across my chest and put on a mischievous smirk. "You heard me. Punk."

The girl's shoulders squared and she looked like she was about to pounce and kill me when a deep called, "Enough!"

The hot-head and I turned our heads to see a half-horse half-man thing come towards us. My jaw seemed to hit the floor. What the-?

The half-horse man trotted towards us with its hooves. "Clarisse, I would recommend not getting into any fights with the new camper as it would distract people from their appetites," the horseman said. "Now, off you go."

Clarisse just growled at me before pushing me with her shoulder as she wandered off to sit with other demigods that had the same resemblance as her with  murderous stares and menacing snares. Four words, take a chill pill.

"Now," I focused my attention back to the horseman as she spoke. "Just who might you be?"

Still astonished by this guy's hybrid state, I stammered just getting my name out. "A-Anna. Anna H-Hendry."

The half-horse dude smiled warmly. "Pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Anna. I am Chiron, the activities director here at Camp Half-Blood."

Listening only vaguely, I still couldn't take my eyes off this guys horse part which only made Chiron laughed slightly.

"It is alright, my dear girl," Chiron said, shifting his hooves. "I am a centaur, which is a mythical creature that is half man on the upper part of the body and half-horse for the lower part. As you can probably already tell."

I just stood, still awestruck.

Chiron patted me on the back which shook me out of my trance. "Come, dear girl, are you determined or undetermined?"

I was slightly confused but quickly understood it. "You mean, if I'm claimed or not?" Chiron nodded. "Uh, no?" I said, sounding unsure.

Chiron just smiled. "That's okay. You can sit with the Hermes children until tomorrow when you are be claimed."

I nodded as Chiron led me to a table where a bunch of kids were mucking around, throwing pieces of food at each other, laughing and looking like they were just having a plain old good time. They stopped when Chiron cleared his throat and stared at us, all of them  having this mischievous glint in their eyes and sly smirks on their faces.

"Children of Hermes, this is, Anna. She is undetermined for the time being but by dawn tomorrow, she shall be claimed. Until then, I expect you'll take good care of her."

"Course we will, Chiron," said a boy with a mop of brown curly hair that hung over gleaming blue eyes that were full of mischief. "We'll take extra good care of her. You can trust us."

"Mmm," Chiron hummed doubtfully before trotting over to a large table where a middle-aged guy sat with a chubby face, a red nose and curly black hair that looked almost purple, and was wearing a tiger-striped Hawaiian shirt and drinking from a can of Coke. He didn't look too happy to be here.

I placed my bags on the floor by my feet and took a seat next to a girl with wavy black hair sitting on her right shoulder with a quarter of it shaved on her left side, a nose ring and dark chocolate-brown eyes with purple lipstick as her only makeup. Like the other Hermes kids, she had upturned eyebrows, a sharp nose and a cheeky smile like she was always up to something. Come to think of it, there didn't seem to many girls on the Hermes table (me excluded), and there were a lot of demigods. There was only about six or eight from what I could count.
The girl next to me passed me a plate and an empty cup. I just looked at her confused and she just laughed.

"Say what you want to eat and it'll appear on the plate, same for the cup," she said. "I'm, Irene Thyfe, by the way."

I cracked a smile when she mentioned her last name. Ha! I wonder if she gets it... you know, being the daughter of the god of thieves? Oh, forget it.

Irene stuck out a hand for me to shake and just as I was about to shake it, she pulled it back and ran it through her hair like she was smoothening it out.

"Gotcha," Irene grinned and winked as my hand hung in the air.

I rolled my eyes at her, allowing myself to smile as I lowered my hand and stared at the plate and cup in front of me.
Would it actually work? Eh, can't hurt to try.

"Umm, chocolate milk?" I said to the cup and almost immediately, it filled up with brown milk.

Wow, not bad.
I took a sip to see if was legit and was surprised to taste the creamy chocolate run down my throat. Damn, that was good! I did the same with the plate and asked for chocolate-covered strawberries, bananas and other assortments of fruits all covered in chocolate. Okay, I could get used to this!

Just as I was about eat a chocolate covered apple slice, Irene put a hand on my arm and stopped me. "Whoa, hold up there, newbie. You've gotta offer a portion of your food to the gods."

Irene pointed to a group of demigods throwing some of their food in a big bonfire in the centre of the pavilion as it went up in flames. Okay...?

"But why?" I asked.

Irene shrugged beside me. "They like the smell, I guess. C'mon, I'll come with you," Irene stood up with me (as well as some of the other Hermes' kids) and we all headed over the bonfire. I watched as Irene tipped some of her food in the fire and mumble, "Here ya go dad, hope you're doin' well."

I followed Irene's actions and threw most of my chocolate covered fruit into the fire. I wasn't going to eat it all anyways.

"To whoever my mom or dad is, please claim me. I don't wanna be alone," depressing, maybe, but because I'm desperate? Definitely. I was tired of being alone for so long.

I headed back to the Hermes table with Irene and we sat down. However, something felt different. Something wasn't in my back pocket and when I felt if it was somewhere else. I couldn't find it. Vixen was missing! I began searching through my bags to see if I accidentally put it in there but decided against because I remember going for it when I was facing the hellhound when it was in my pocket.

"Hey, newbie!" I looked back up at the table and saw a boy similar to the guy who spoke before waving a familiar looking screwdriver around. "Looking for something?"

"Give it back!" I exclaimed, sitting upright and causing a few glances from the other tables.

The boy sighed and twirled Vixen in his fingers. "Not with that attitude, sweetheart."

I took a deep breath as I clenched my jaw and my hands shook. "Please, give me back, my screwdriver," I seethed.

They boy put on a look as if he was thinking extremely hard. "Hmm, nope."

I slammed my fists on the table, shaking everything on it, and stood up. "Give it BACK!"

By now all of the tables were looking towards our direction and it was so quiet that you could hear the wind rustling through the trees. I was angry, and let me tell you that it is never a pretty sight. Let me remind you of the good old Ms. Rush. Yeah... I can get violent.

"Connor, just give the girl back whatever you took from her," said a boy with black hair sea green eyes from one of the tables where he sat alone. "I can she's not very happy."

"Oh she isn't, Percy?" the boy - Connor - smirked. "I never would have guessed."

Percy rolled his eyes. "Just give it back."

Connor pouted. "But I don't want t-"

He was cut off by a butter knife flying through the air at top speed and made a 'thunk' as it landed in one of the wooden support beams behind Connor. It landed in pretty far in and everyone's gaze turned towards me. I was breathing heavily with my arm outstretched like I had just thrown something (which I did) and I was beyond angry. A small drop of blood appeared on Connor's bottom lip and he licked it away.

"Holy Hades," a voice murmured from the table behind me.

Pretty soon, all the tables were muttering towards each other and I could hear that they were all directed towards me. I had to get out of here.

"Give me back the screwdriver," I said quietly but loud enough so he could hear me.

Connor immediately tossed me back Vixen and I saw something all too familiar in his eyes. Fear. It's what Diana had in her eyes before I left her.
I caught the screwdriver with one hand and made a break out of the pavilion, not wanting to spend one more moment in that place.

On my way out, I heard someone whisper, "It was lucky she missed."

I paused and looked at whoever spoke. She was Asian with perfect makeup, lots of jewellery and dark hair in ringlets and warm brown eyes. I stared at her with disgust (because I'm not too impressed with girly girls) and sneered at her.

"I never miss," I hissed and stormed off, away from all the beady eyes as they watched me go.


It had been hours since my little 'tantrum' in the dining pavilion. I sat up on a high branch on the big pine tree I walked passed to get into camp. I don't know how long it had been but the sky was just to turn an orangey-pink as the sun set over the horizon. I sighed and stared at the celestial bronze sword in my hands. They just don't get how much this means to me.
I heard a twig snap below me and looked down as far as I could through the branches to see if anyone was there. Nothing. Probably just a figment of my imagination.

"Oh, I know all about figment of imagination."

I yelp at the voice beside me and almost fell off the branch but caught myself on another one, gaining a few splinters as I did so. Crap. I heaved myself back up onto the branch and looked over to my right to see the Hawaiian shirt dude sitting there sipping his Coke.

"Apologises," the guy said and took a sip. Although he didn't look like he meant it.

I caught my breath and twisted Vixen's hilt so that it retracted back into a screwdriver.

"Oh, so that's why it's so important?" Hawaiian shirt dude said.

I just glared at him. "Do you mind? I'd like to be left alone."

The guys raised an eyebrow. "If I may, you've been alone for the past five and a half hours and it is extremely rude to have that kind of attitude towards a god."

I stared at him and remembered something Piper said about having a god as the camp director.  My eyes went wide when I realized who he was.

"Dionysus, oh my god. I-I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to rude, I-I just-"

"Oh, shut up," the wine god said as he sipped his Coke. "I didn't come up here just to hear you stammer over your words with your poor English."

Okay, I was regretting apologising to him now.

"May I ask, sir, what are you doing up here?" I asked.

"Well," Mr. D sighed - Piper said that's what everyone called him. "As camp director - much to my disgust - it's my job to solve the problems at this dastardly camp, and right now, you are the biggest problem there is."

I was confused. "How am I a problem?"

He took another sip. "Well, you almost killed a fellow camper at lunch today over a lousy screwdriver."

I rolled my eyes. "He was asking for it," I muttered, venom in my tone.

Dionysus scoffed. "If I were to choose any god, I would think you'd be a daughter of Ares because you sound just like one of his offspring. But you're not," he sipped some more Coke.

I looked at the wine god in surprise. "Do you know who my godly parent is?"

"I know a lot of things, Andrea, and you godly parent is definitely one of them."

"Then can you tell me who it is?!" I questioned, excitement filling my nerves.

"Ha!" Mr. D ejaculated. Again, not that kind of ejaculated. "If I could tell you I would, but I'm not going to."

"Why not?!" I exclaimed, suddenly angry.

"Because it would be breaking the rules," Dionysus took a sip of his Coke calmly while I was just sat there, boiling like a kettle, ready to blow any second.

I took a deep breath and tried to relax as I leaned against the tree. "I bet you know all about breaking the rules..."

Mr. D looked over at me with his jaw clenched. "And I suppose that means?!"

"Well, you are the camp director as punishment from Zeus- " thunder rumbled in the distance. Even though I said I'll never say his name again, I did anyways. "-for chasing after an off-limits wood nymph, are you not?"

Dionysus looked like he was going to murder someone. Mainly me.

"You watch yourself, Andrea Hamish. Because you don't want to get on my bad side."

"My name is, Anna Hendry!" I shouted, not caring if he was a god or not.

"I don't care," said the god of obnoxiousness, taking a sip of his Coke before he vanished into thin air.

I let out a scream and untwisted Vixen as I swung at the spot Mr. D once was. Anger pulsed through me and I had finally let it out. Okay, Anna. Calm down. I really need anger management.
I pulled Vixen out of the trunk with a slight tug and twisted the hilt as I retracted my sword. I sat there on the branch as the sun went down lower and lower below the horizon and soon was going to disappear, having Apollo's work done for the day and darkness would soon fall. I ran a hand through my hair as I sighed.
That's it, I know what I have to do.

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