Kilo a Dogs Tale

Riding home from work at the Battle Hill Colliery in Wallsend a young lad hears what he thinks is a woman in distress- He parks his bike and runs down an an embankment where he discovers it is not a woman but a sack that has been thrown into a sewer. upon opening the bag he discovers that it is in fact a little staffordshire bull terrier pup. He places the pup into his bait bag and takes it home to his mother where they live in a miner's cottage in Cullercoats. If you love animals you will love this story.


9. Kilo Chapter 9

The sound of activity woke Jack and Kilo, he walked into the scullery naked to the waist where his mother was preparing breakfast. She informed Jack that Martha and she would be going shopping once Martha was ready. Just then the bedroom door opened and Martha emerged looking beautiful in one of the dresses she was given. 
“How do I look she said.”
“Stunning said jack before realising that he wasn’t wearing a shirt so he apologised then went back into the bedroom to quickly put on a shirt.
When he re- emerged Martha was pouring him tea and cooking oat cakes with bacon and eggs.
“Where is mother? 
“Nelly is fixing herself to go out with me.’
After breakfast Jack fed Kilo, he was about to take him out for his walk when his mother called him back. “Jack will you empty the bath tub before you go?
“Yes mam, I will do it now.”
Picking up the tub with both hands that were the size of shovels he took the tub out into the back yard and emptied it slowly down the drain.
Both women left through the front door shouting their goodbyes as they left.
Jack emptied the ash toilet too before making sure there was enough newspaper tied with string before leaving himself with kilo who was getting excited knowing he was going out.

Martha asked why Jack wasn’t married. Nelly said Jack is too fussy he says he hasn’t found the right one yet. He was very embarrassed this morning when I saw him without a shirt. Nelly laughed.
“I had two brothers who walked around with less on than that.’
“You say had, why?
They were both killed in Normandy during the Second World War. Michael was only nineteen and Robert twenty two.
“I lost my four brothers the same way. Jack is the only family I have left now.”
They took the bus to Whitley Bay Market where they walked around the stalls. Nelly began picking up baby clothes and nappies. Whilst Martha bought two glass feeding bottles with rubber teats, some bibs, and a soother. Nelly paid the three pounds ten pence then placed the goods into a large bag she had brought with her.
Nelly also bought Martha a smock coat from a second hand stall which looked almost new. This would be worn when she was about six months into her pregnancy.
After they were finished shopping they got the bus back to the cottage.
When Jack heard them coming in through the back yard he got up from the rocking chair. Kilo barked until he saw Nelly and Martha coming through the door then his tail was wagging as he ran around both of their heels. Martha had bought Flour, eggs, bacon, butter, and fresh fruit and vegetables with the money Nelly had given her. Nelly had gone to the butcher to buy the cheapest cuts of meat.
Jack loved Sunday as he got a Sunday roast dinner.

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