Kilo a Dogs Tale

Riding home from work at the Battle Hill Colliery in Wallsend a young lad hears what he thinks is a woman in distress- He parks his bike and runs down an an embankment where he discovers it is not a woman but a sack that has been thrown into a sewer. upon opening the bag he discovers that it is in fact a little staffordshire bull terrier pup. He places the pup into his bait bag and takes it home to his mother where they live in a miner's cottage in Cullercoats. If you love animals you will love this story.


34. Kilo Chapter 34

Over the next two months Jack had lessons until one night he pulled up alone.
Again Kate and his mother came out of the house. “Where’s your driving instructor.
“Don’t need him any more I passed my driving test this afternoon. 
“Well done Jack so you are a man of transport now then.
“Yes; go fetch Tilly we are going for a ride.
Nelly brought tilly and she got into the backseat. It’s all leather seating and wood inside mam. She does a top speed of one hundred and eight miles per hour and five gallons of petrol will last ages. Jack pressed the hooter then drove off with the whole of the neighbourhood watching. Jack was the first person in that area to have his own vehicle.
Do you realise mam that we can travel around each weekend to anywhere in England, Scotland, or Wales.
That’s nice I would like to see a bit of the country.
They drove around for an hour before driving back to the cottage.

Tilly’s birthday had been celebrated with a party in the cottage Jack bought her a teddy bear. Kate got her a new dress and Nelly a new coat.
It was only ten days to the wedding. Nelly gave Kate her own wedding gown that had been kept in immaculate condition. Kate was over the moon; Kate made a few adjustments here and there but the dress was beautiful.
Jack bought himself a morning suit with top hat and tails. Kate bought Nelly a lovely blue two piece suit in turquoise with a lovely hat to match.
The rings had been bought and kept safe a Nigel’s house. Both Nigel and Gino would be wearing the same as Jack on the day.
Nelly set to work on making a huge four tiered cake. All the sandwiches pies and other food would be made the day before. Jack had invited the whole street and asked everyone to bring out a table and chairs with a white table cloth with their own knives forks and spoons. They all would bring their best tea services as well.
Gino’s father was as good as his word and sent five cases not two of wine and a special Methuselah of champagne.
Nigel had bought them both a fridge to keep all the food fresh. 
So everything was ready, everything was running smoothly.
Jack kept saying I’m sure we’ve missed something here but he hadn’t.
His mother told him not to worry and that everything would be taken care of.
Jack went on his stag night with his boss George Shotton, Dave Turner, who had taught him how to drive Nigel and Gino, and Keith Berry.
Kate had a quiet night in with Tilly , Nelly and Mary her mother.

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