Kilo a Dogs Tale

Riding home from work at the Battle Hill Colliery in Wallsend a young lad hears what he thinks is a woman in distress- He parks his bike and runs down an an embankment where he discovers it is not a woman but a sack that has been thrown into a sewer. upon opening the bag he discovers that it is in fact a little staffordshire bull terrier pup. He places the pup into his bait bag and takes it home to his mother where they live in a miner's cottage in Cullercoats. If you love animals you will love this story.


29. Kilo Chapter 29

There were tears in Nigel’s eyes as he spoke. Oh Jack, firstly let me congratulate you both. I have known Jack since school and we have remained good friends ever since.
I would be truly honoured to be you best man. In light of what I am it is nice to be accepted by you all. Nigel raised his glass, To Jack and Kate may they have many happy years together and lots of Children. 
When the meal was over Nelly made some tea and they sat in the parlour.
They drink lots of coffee in Tuscany said Gino but I prefer tea. It’s so English I know but nice all the same.
It was around eleven o’clock when Nigel and Gino left to go home, they hugged Jack and Kate and thanked them for a lovely meal.

Jack helped Katie clear away the dishes because Nelly had gone to bed early after putting Tilly to bed. I think the effects of the wine had got to her as well.
Kilo was chewing on the big pork bone. Come on the young lady I will see you home.
“I can stay if you want me to she said.” 
You know I do Katie but you know how the neighbours would talk. I do not want a bad relationship before our wedding.
“Your right of course Jack she said as jack held out her coat. Kilo immediately stopped chewing on his bone knowing he would be going out he ran to the door and waited.
Jack put on his cap and heavy overcoat before leaving the house.
The snow had begun to ice up under foot and it was hard for them to stay upright.
I won’t be able to cycle to work in this tomorrow.
“I don’t know why you don’t get yourself a car Jack it’s not like you cannot afford one now that you’ve gone up in the world.”
“Now wouldn’t that give the neighbours something to talk about said Jack as they crossed the road to Katie’s house?
“So you will think about it then?
“Of course I will have a word with the boss as he has a car maybe he can give me a few pointers.”
Jack kissed Kate then waved her in before running back home with Kilo chasing his heels.

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