Kilo a Dogs Tale

Riding home from work at the Battle Hill Colliery in Wallsend a young lad hears what he thinks is a woman in distress- He parks his bike and runs down an an embankment where he discovers it is not a woman but a sack that has been thrown into a sewer. upon opening the bag he discovers that it is in fact a little staffordshire bull terrier pup. He places the pup into his bait bag and takes it home to his mother where they live in a miner's cottage in Cullercoats. If you love animals you will love this story.


27. Kilo Chapter 27

Please Jack, take a seat if you will.
Jack sat in the large leather seat whilst he chatted with Keith about his daughter.
Would you like a beer Jack?
Yes, if you don’t mind.”
“Kate Please bring Jack and I a beer please.
“Yes father said Kate as she disappeared behind a curtain then returned with two bottles of beer and two glasses. Using the bottle opener Kate was shaking as she removed the metal tops and handed one to her father then one to Jack.
Alright he said make yourself scarce whilst I have a wee discussion with Jack here.
Again Katie disappeared behind the curtain.
So Jack you want to marry our Kate then?
I do Sir, very much.
I know you work at the pit and Kate says you’ve just been promoted to foreman is this so?
“It is Sir.”
“You have your own cottage as well is this so too?
“Yes Sir it was left to me by my late father. I live there with my mother and Tilly.
“Yes I know all about the child that your mother looks after,”
“I think you are man of good character Jack, he stood up poured his beer then said “Welcome to the family. Jack smiled then raised his glass.
“To a happy union between Kate and Jack may you both have all the luck in the world and your troubles little one’s?
Kate and her mother came in from behind the curtain smiling,
Now Jack is taking our Kate to the pictures so let them be Keith.
“Well thank you Keith we will have to go and have a beer together.”
“We will; said Keith as jack made his way to the door.
Kate took Jacks hand then walked down the street to the cinema.


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