Kilo a Dogs Tale

Riding home from work at the Battle Hill Colliery in Wallsend a young lad hears what he thinks is a woman in distress- He parks his bike and runs down an an embankment where he discovers it is not a woman but a sack that has been thrown into a sewer. upon opening the bag he discovers that it is in fact a little staffordshire bull terrier pup. He places the pup into his bait bag and takes it home to his mother where they live in a miner's cottage in Cullercoats. If you love animals you will love this story.


26. Kilo Chapter 26

Tilly was playing with some wooden blocks on the floor as Kilo kept knocking them over as fast as Tilly built them up. She squealed with delight each time Kilo knocked them down again.
Kate put some food out for Kilo then made a fresh pot of tea.
 It was nine o’clock before they left to take Kilo for his walk.
 “You know now I have this new Job.”
“Yes Jack.” 
 “And I know we haven’t even been on our first date yet but I was wondering if we could one day get married.
Oh Jack, I love you so much.”
“I love you too lass, I know I’m a bit older than you but what do you say?
“I wouldn’t marry anyone else but you Jack, you are a good man what woman wouldn’t want to marry you?
“I will have to go see your father then and ask his permission to marry you.”
“We can go on Friday if you like Jack.”
“What before the pictures like he laughed.”
They kissed then held each other for what seemed an eternity before turning and walking back hand in hand.
Nelly was delighted when Jack told her the news.
“This will be a grand wedding mam.
“There will be lots to do; you will have to see the vicar of St Mary’s Church to set a date. The bands will have to be read out. ‘You are going to have to buy a wedding ring.”
“I am going to see Katie’s father on Friday night before we go to the pictures.”
“Don’t worry son; everything will be alright.”
Katie will already be telling her father as we speak so he will be expecting you.
“I just hope he likes me mam.
“He wouldn’t have allowed his daughter to work for you if he didn’t like you.
Jack couldn’t sleep that night thinking about Kate. He hoped that her father was not too strict with her.
The next couple of days were a nightmare for Jack but the time had come and he wasn’t found wanting. He walked down to the house in his suit he adjusted himself as he knocked on the door.
Katie answered the door and asked him in. she gave him a reassuring hug as they walked into the parlour.
Mr Berry was standing up in his suit with an Albert chain and fob in his pocket next to the fire with his hands in his pockets. Not a big man Jack thought to himself but he was proud.
Hello Mr Berry, I’m Jack Reamer and I’ve come to ask your permission to marry your daughter.
Mr Berry cleared his throat.
Keith Berry pleased to make your acquaintance he said as he held out his hand.
Jack’s hand shake was firm.


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