Rose is rich and has the perfect life or at least that how it seems on the outside.
My chemical Romance fanfic.
Rated yellow for self abuse and cursing


2. chapter two

Chapter 2

Rose awoke on her couch instead of her bed where she fainted. She could barley remember what happened before shepherd out but knew she was in her room. Then she remembered cutting herself. She looked down at her arm and saw a bandage covering her cuts with some blood bleeding through it.

Suddenly Gerard walked into the room. "Your awake!" He said.

"Why are you inside my house!? Get out!" Rose screamed. Gerard was the last person she wanted to see. He was the reason rose started to cut.

"I came by to apologize about earlier but then when I went up to your room I say you fainted. I thought you were dead. I carried you down here and bandaged up your cuts." He said. Why was he acting so nice?

"Seriously? You came here to apologize and you ended up saving my life?" Rose said still trying to process what he was saying. Gerard just nodded.

Rose couldn't help but notice how gorgeous Gerard looked with his black hair covering his left eye. "Well thanks. How can I repay you?" She asked.

"I don't even know you. We can start with that, how about this Friday we hang out?" He said. Rose smiled. "I would love that."

"I got to get going though." Gerard said. Rose nodded. "Mikey! Let's go!" He yelled opening the front door. Mikey came running out of the kitchen and out the door.

Gerard was about to leave until he turned around and said "oh and Rose. I like your posters." Rose blushed and watched the pale boy leave.

(Sorry about the short chapter. I'll update later)

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