Rose is rich and has the perfect life or at least that how it seems on the outside.
My chemical Romance fanfic.
Rated yellow for self abuse and cursing


1. Chapter 1

Chapter One

Rose stared out of her bedroom window down to her garden in her backyard. She remembered earlier that day at school. It almost made her cry just thinking about that awful day. She looked at the razor next to her and picked it up and pushed it into her pale skin. Small beads of blood started to flow from her wrist down out of her window onto her garden right in her roses

"I hope your happy Gerard," Rose said as tears started to flow down her cheeks. "I hope your fucking happy."


Rose walked into her high school after the bell had already rang and looked around her crowded classroom. How she hated school. Some people stared at her when she walked in. Rose felt her cheeks turn a light pink and took her seat.

Her teacher didn't even seem to notice Rose and how she was late. The door opened again and another late student walked in. Rose knew him, Gerard Way, he was that quote punk kid who sat in the back of the room and listened to music. Rose would never admit it but at one point she actually had a crush on the boy.

"Gerard your late. That's a detention." The teacher said. He didn't protest but his smaller brother Michael did. "Rose was late as well. Why didn't she get a detention." He said. The teacher turned to Rose.

"Is this true?" Rose shrugged.

"It's not fair! Just because Rose has money and is your favorite student didn't mean she should be treated the same as my brother." Michael said standing up.

"Micky, sit down. It's not worth it." Gerard said. "No! This is important to me! It's not fair."

"Michael please. Sit down or you will get detention as well." Said the teacher.

"Rose couldn't go through what Gerard goes through every day!"

"That's not true!" Rose said standing up. "I've been through so much more than Gerard! I know real pain!" She said. Gerard's face went red.

"Seriously? You think you know pain? You know nothing about pain! You have been spoiled your entire life! What the fuck would you know about pain? You are pathetic!" Gerard yelled as tears streamed out of his eyes. His face was so red.

"Suspension! Both Michael and Gerard Way have a three week suspension!" The teacher yelled at the boys. They got up and walked out of the classroom both glaring at Rose.

*Present Time*

The blood loss made Rose weak to the point of her fainting. Outside of her house Gerard and Micky Way knocked on her door to apologize.

"I don't know why we are the ones apologizing. We just told the truth." Micky said but Gerard shook his head.

"We went to far." He said. Micky rolled his eyes and rung the doorbell. The door opens but not to Rose but instead her older sister.

"Who are you?" Said Roses sister. "I'm Gerard and this is my brother. Is Rose home. We wish to apologize to her." He said. Roses sister sighed and let the guys in. The three of them walked up the stairs to Roses room and knocked on the door.

"Nice house." Said Micky sarcastically as they waited. There was no response to the knocking on Roses door.

"Shes probably on her phone.," said Roses sister. "I'm coming in Rose." She opened the door and let out a shriek as she saw her sister laying lifeless on her bed with a razor in her hand.

Micky covers his mouth and Gerard ran to the bed. "What have I done?" He said quietly.

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