Silver Eyes

Madeline is no ordinary girl, she's a werewolf. Living in a town full of werewolves she is still different having silver eyes. Then she learns of a legend that includes her. Will she say yes to the legend or will she let the evil consume all werewolfs.


9. The rescue mision

Ryder limped back to the cave and laid down. When Mary got there she dropped the pheasant she was carrying.

"What happened? Where's Madeline?" she asked crouching beside Ryder.
"Karl, ambush." was all that Ryder had energy to say.

Ryder's gray coat was stained with blood. Mary grabbed bandage and salve and started to apply it to Ryder deep wounds.

"We have to save her, he'll kill her." she said when finished.

"He has Toby under his control, if we want to rescue her we'll need some help." Ryder said standing up.  

Ryder walked a mile and ended at up Amanda's house. He quickly changed to a human and knocked on the door. Amanda opened the door and gasped.

"What happened to you?"

"That doesn't matter, I need your help." Ryder told Amanda what happened to him and Maddie, and he will rescue Maddie.

"So that's were you come in. I need to turn you into a werewolf so you can help us."

Amanda hesitated to answer "Ok, if it will help save Maddie."

Ryder changed to a werewolf to bit Amanda. In no time at all Amanda changed into a small brown werewolf.

"Ouch" She cried after changing.

"It only hurts the first time. Now follow me" Ryder said opening the window and jumping out.

They met up with Maddie's mom and tracked Maddie to Karl's house. They slipped inside quietly. Ryder followed Maddie's smell into the. In the basement Maddie was laying in the middle of the floor.

"Something's up." Ryder said going down the steps. Amanda and Mary had taken there places. Ryder crouched down beside Maddie and shook her awake.  

"Ryder, what happened?" Maddie said sitting up. Just then Toby lunged into Ryder and shoved him into a wall. Ryder snapped at Toby's shoulder. Once Ryder got ahold of Toby, he wouldn't let go. As Toby went ballistic trying to shake of Ryder, Mary slipped in and helped Maddie up. They made there way up the stairs as Ryder held on for his life. At the top of the stairs Karl was waiting to block the path. Amanda jumped on him and sunk her teeth into his hind leg. Karl quickly overpowered Amanda and kicked her aside. Mary pounced onto Karl's back.

Down in the basement Toby finally got Ryder of his back and attacked, though Ryder was to quick to catch. Ryder bounced of the wall with a counter attack. He shoved Toby into the opposite wall so hard it knocks him out. Ryder sprints up the stairs and finds Mary and Karl fighting. He swiftly knocks Karl to the ground, Ryder has Karl pinned when Maddie walks over in a sort of trance. She stares at Karl, suddenly he becomes unconscious.

"Maddie, how did you do that?" Ryder asked. Before Maddie could answer she fainted.

When Maddie woke up she was back at the cave. Amanda and Mary where sitting around a fire and Ryder was asleep next to Maddie. Maddie tried to get up. She bumped Ryder and he woke up.

"You're up." he said smiling.
Walking over to the fire Maddie said, "Thank you for saving me."

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