Silver Eyes

Madeline is no ordinary girl, she's a werewolf. Living in a town full of werewolves she is still different having silver eyes. Then she learns of a legend that includes her. Will she say yes to the legend or will she let the evil consume all werewolfs.


2. The new boy

That next Monday was a school day. Madeline drove into the parking lot and parked the car. She walked into her homeroom to see many students crowded around her desk. She found her best friend Amanda Herman. She tapped her on the shoulder, "What's going on?" She asked.

Turning around, Amanda replied, "There's a new kid, and he's been all over the world."

"But he's in my desk." Madeline fought her way through the crowd to get to her desk. When finally getting through the crowd she stopped to see a slim boy with broad shoulders sitting at her desk, telling students different stories.

"Excuse me," Madeline said quietly, "but this is my assigned seat."

The boy stood up. Madeline backed up realizing he was taller than she thought.

"Sorry," he replied staring at her silver eyes in surprise, "my name is Ryder Anthony, what's yours?"

She replied shyly, ignoring the oohs from the other students "Madeline Tucker, friends call me Maddie."

He was about to say something else when the teacher walked in. "Students get to your seats." she demanded.

Ryder ushered Maddie to her seat and took the desk right behind her. Maddie could smell Ryder with her werewolf sense of smell. He smelt different than normal people, he smelt like a werewolf mixed with the smell of syrup.

During lunch Maddie could see Ryder sitting across the room, gazing in her direction. Does he like her? Does he think she's pretty? Sure with her chocolate brown strait hair, defined cheek bones, and her slim body she was a very pretty girl. But he was a very handsome and popular boy that would never like her.

After school, Maddie was driving past the forest, when she saw a wolf running through the trees. Curious she turned on the road through the forest. She pulled over at the side off the road and looked around. Using her werewolf smell she tracked the wolf to a small cave. She looked around and quickly morphed into a wolf. It took at least 15 seconds, that was a new record for her. She stalked into the cave in the back she saw a wolf she never saw before. She smelt a familiar aroma, it was syrup! She barked something to the wolf, in wolf language it meant "Ryder you're a werewolf?"

He barked with a smirk "Yes I am, Madeline."

They walked together out of the cave barking in a conversation.

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