Silver Eyes

Madeline is no ordinary girl, she's a werewolf. Living in a town full of werewolves she is still different having silver eyes. Then she learns of a legend that includes her. Will she say yes to the legend or will she let the evil consume all werewolfs.


8. Captured

Karl and Toby went storming through the forest searching for the girl. Finally they came to the cave with the voices coming out. They hid around the cave waiting for wolves to come out.

Inside the cave Mary and Ryder were are if whether or not to go hunting.

"Well I don't care what you do, I'm tired." Maddie yawned.

"I'll stay here and watch her you can go hunting." Ryder chipped in.

"Fine I'll be back in a jiffy." Mary said before leaving the cave, dodging the lightning with ease.

Maddie found a comfortable spot and plopped down. Soon later she fell asleep. Ryder watched the mouth of the cave and glanced at Maddie. His eyes began to grow heavy, but he couldn't allow himself to fall asleep. Finally he fell asleep.

Outside the cave Karl was using his magic to control Maddie's dreams. In Maddie's dream she say many shapes and colors, strange trees and many people. She was walking on a path when suddenly a passerby yelled, "WEREWOLF! everybody run she's going to eat us all." Maddie was then changed into a werewolf against her will. She started to run. Finally she came to a burning house, it was her house. She ran inside trying to find her mom. The only thing in the house was a burning corpse. "Mom" she cried kneeling beside the body. All of a sudden the fire stopped. Ryder came sprinting in. Staring in horror he said, "Maddie what have you done. You killed your own mother."

Maddie was walking through the forest following right behind Karl. Back in the cave Ryder woke up to see that Maddie was gone. He burst through the cave to track Maddie down. He caught a whiff of her sent and ran off to find her. He finally caught up to her.

"Maddie stop!" he barked. Just then Toby jumped on Ryder and pinned him to the ground. Ryder let out a loud howl as Toby dug his teeth into his shoulder. Maddie shook herself awake, but couldn't move.

"Ryder!" she yelled, "what did you do to me?"

"Just a spell, be quiet." Karl demanded.

Ryder fought back against Toby, but could not overpower the big werewolf. Toby swiped his enormous paw, smacking Ryder sending him flying to the ground.

"Stop, stop" Maddie cried, "you're hurting him."

"You actually care for this werewolf." Karl laughed, "but he doesn't like you, he's only here to do his job, which is to find and protect you. I bet he never told you about being a scavenger."

Maddie looked at the boy struggling to stand up. "What do you mean?"

"Scavengers don't die they live forever searching for the true leader. You will die and he will live forever. Once you became the leader he would have to go home. Now you will come with me or the boy dies." Toby then pushed Ryder over and bite down hard on his throat.

"Stop!" Maddie cried, "I'll go with you." Maddie followed Karl and with Toby right behind. Maddie glanced behind her at the unconscious boy. "I'm sorry Ryder."

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