Silver Eyes

Madeline is no ordinary girl, she's a werewolf. Living in a town full of werewolves she is still different having silver eyes. Then she learns of a legend that includes her. Will she say yes to the legend or will she let the evil consume all werewolfs.


10. At the river

The next morning Mary was the first to get up. She sat at the mouth of the cave staring at stormy sky.

"Get up everyone!" she barked "We need to move somewhere safe." Everyone, still half asleep, obeyed. Maddie, Ryder and Amanda all walked down to the river.
"Race ya." Ryder said taking off a dead sprint. Amanda and Maddie took off after him. Amanda, still being a new wolf, was not very fast. Maddie, however, with five quick leaps caught up to Ryder and even passed him. Ryder tried and tried to catch up to Maddie but could not. Maddie arrived at the river way before Ryder did. She sat by the edge waiting for Ryder to arrive. She stared at her reflection. How could I lead the werewolves, save them from evil. She thought to herself. Soon Ryder was sitting beside her staring at himself as well. He had black fur that matched human hair color. He noticed the scar on his side left by Toby. It seemed to get smaller and smaller. Soon the scar was gone. He stared in wonder. Maddie noticed what he was staring at.

"You're scar, it's gone." she said "how?"

"You are gaining your powers as well. The stronger Karl gets, the stronger you get." Maddie smiled at the thought of having powers. Now she might actually stand a chance against Karl. Ryder bent over to get a drink of the cool water. Maddie smiled as she pushed Ryder into the river. Ryder popped out of the water and pulled Maddie in. They splashed each other in the water. Amanda sat on the bank watching the two run and play in the water. Maddie noticed Amanda and began splashing her. Amanda joined in the splash war.

When they all got tired of splashing each other they sat on the bank gossiping.

"Well I'm going back to the cave, I'm hoping Mary will teach me to hunt." with that Amanda took of in the direction of the cave. Maddie and Ryder sat alone. Maddie changed into her human form and so did Ryder. Maddie swirled her hand in a circle and the water began to swirl. She swiped her hand away and the water was calm instantly. She smiled as she looked at Ryder. He looked Maddie strait in the eyes. Maddie did the same. Ryder had jet black hair, pale skin, and brown eyes. His face was narrow. They both leaned in closer and closer. Finally their lips touched. Ryder's lips were warm against Maddie's. Maddie peaked at Ryder his eyes were closed. She closed her. She wanted to hold onto that moment and have it last forever. They heard Mary and Amanda walking towards them, and pulled back. They both quickly morphed into wolves.

"Time to move out." Mary called. Ryder, Maddie and Amanda all followed Mary for miles. They had no idea were they were going, hopefully it was a safe place. Maddie all the time would glance at Ryder and remember that special moment at the river.


Sorry it took so long for this chapter to come out. I am so busy writing another story with a friend I forgot about this story. I would appreciate if you read my other story and like it, New Kingdom, a Narnia fan fiction. From now on I will try to have a new chapter published every week. If I don't please be patient. I am also sorry that this chapter is very short and kind of boring, I am having a bit of writers block   

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