Silver Eyes

Madeline is no ordinary girl, she's a werewolf. Living in a town full of werewolves she is still different having silver eyes. Then she learns of a legend that includes her. Will she say yes to the legend or will she let the evil consume all werewolfs.


5. Amanda

Amanda had been Maddie's best friend since kindergarten. She is a human and has never known that Maddie is a werewolf. Amanda has always been by Maddie's side, so Maddie thought if she told Amanda her secret she could help her make a decision.

She was at the lunch table eating her lunch when Amanda sat down beside her. "What's up with you, you've been all day dreamy?"

"Oh," Maddie said looking up, "just something's on my mind, but I can't tell you here."


"It's a secret and I don't want other people finding out, could you come over to my house after school and I'll tell you."

"Yeah sure, anything."

After school the two girls drove leaf street and rushed into the house. They grabbed apples from the fridge and went into Maddie's room. They plopped down on the bed.

"Ok, what is this secret you wanted to tell me?" Amanda said taking a bite of her apple.

"It would be easier to show you." Maddie said before changing into a wolf. Amanda screamed and through the apple at the wolf. Maddie quickly changed back.

Amanda grabbed a pillow and hugged it, "What was that!?"

"That was me I'm a... werewolf. The reason why I've been so distant is because of this legend Ryder told me." Maddie told Amanda the legend all while Amanda sat disbelieving. 

"So I don't know what to do." Maddie said looking at her hands.

"Neither do I, this all sounds crazy. But I saw you change, so that part's true."

"At least you believe me there, are you mad I didn't tell you before."

"No, you're my best friend I will always stick by your side." 

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