Is loving you okay.

What are 18-years-old girls dream? Boyfriend of course. New student who just transferred to Oklahomas school is handsome and naughty, litlle playfull. But what happens when you get close to him? Does his secret scare you?


1. Transfer student

Ria Coldwell long black haired girl. 18-years-old last year student. She were going to school together at the morning. Her friends Annie and Violet they are in different class. When they arrived to school there was huge group of girls in a circle. And in the middle of that girl party was a guy. He was the new transfer student. And oh god he was handsome. Tall guy with green eyes. Light skin and beautiful face. Yeah well Ria knew that she wasn't so famous that she would not try to hit that guy. But she didn't notice the eyes what were watching her. The eyes were soft and you could read from them that they were full of kindness. Day continued normally. But the new guy accidentally bump into her over and over again. He offered his help for paying back for the "accidents". Well Ria of course said yes. They talked a lot and she get to know that guys name was Alexander. Ria had a little crush on him and she tried to be close to him. Oh Alexander looked many times into Rias eyes with passionate look. Ria almost melt infront of him everytime he looked her. They went to schools library. In the same time Ria tried to do schoolwork Alexander played with her dark hair and said "how can so beautiful girl be alone". Then he stod up, walked behind Ria and covered her eyes with his warm and gentle hands. Suddenly he moved hid head closer her neck and smiled. Then he kisses her with passionate and Ria couldn't move. It felt so good that she could scream. Alexander took his hands off. When Ria looked behind she Alexander was gone, there was note on the floor. She picked it up and there was address where he asks Ria to come there at night. She thought about that moment is this real. Now she is in love with him. But where did he go?

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