Long, time ago.

Long, time ago. Four witches and wizards had started a school, with love, passion, strength and agony of sadness.

That school was Hogwarts.


2. Friends and Strangers


Helga Hufflepuff was washing the mugs in her pub which was in the middle of nowhere, when she heard the bell ring at the front of the shop. The wind blew in the warm, cozy little place as two men came in, "Shut that damn door!" Helga shouted as she tried to keep the fire going. The man with the red clothing and a thick, blonde beard shut the door strongly. They both went up to the bar and sat down.

"How may help you?" Helga said pulling up a smile as if she had pulled them with strings. Helga was a cherry, kind person. May also be on the plump side,but she is very loyal to her subjects and is fair and just. She had wonderful blue eyes and red hair, her red cheeks glisten in the snowy sunny day in winter and shine on a nice summers day. "Two butterbeers please," grunted the second man, who had black clothes and blank lank hair with a thin black beard. "Who are they?" Rowena said coming down the creakity stairs.

"They are newcomers. By the way do want your butterbeers with froth or non?" Helga said not even looking back at Rowena. Rowena, probably the brightest witch of her age, gracefully walked up the bar and sat next the two men. Her dress was a beautiful colour of blue, and gold trimmings along the side finished the touch. She had long brown hair with a twisted crown inserted in the hair just above the ears. She had brown eyes and fair skin, which suited her personalatiy oddly perfectly, "And whom might be your names?" she asked leaning on her hand on the table.

"I am Godric Griffindor and this is Salazar Slytherin," said the man on the end. 

And that's how their tale began.


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