Our High School Life

They are in 10th grade Mandy and her friends she is one of the most popular kids and she has so many friends a clique and everything but the closest friends are Logan, Danielle and jack (Logan is a girl). They have known each other since 1st grade and this is mandys life.


8. chapter 8

When Brandon and his guys got to Logan's house dani had an idea. "Let's play truth or dare" "yeah" said one of Brandon's friend named Luke. So we started to and I was so nervous! "Truth or dare Mandy" said Brandon. Umm dare I guess.

"Ok, I dare you to take your shirt off for the rest if the game" he said. "Why don't we just go swimming instead" said Logan. "Whatever" Brandon said. Thank you so much Logan for doing that my heart was racing. "No problem" she replied.

Brandon brought 3 friends and none of them brought swim trunks so they were all in their boxers. While swimming I had to go to the bathroom and Brandon was waiting outside the bathroom when I came out he pushed me back in and sat me up on the sink and we started to make out the bathroom was connected to my room he moved us in there and he started to untie my top, I told him to stop but he wasn't I kicked him in the balls and he went to the ground I ran outside and yelled at everybody to go home, when I got down there dani was talking to two of the guys and Logan was making out with the other imedialtey they all got up and left.

"Is everything okay with you what's wrong?" Logan and dani asked. I was crying and when I told them they told me that I couldn't see him anymore, but it was ok I agreed.


"What the hell I knew he was bad for you where is he? What is his number?" Jack yelled. Stop stop yelling who told you? "Why does it matter weren't you gonna tell me anyway?" Jack said. Jack it matters to me ok tell me I felt the tears coming down my face. " okay fine Logan and dani told me and they were right to" he said. Ok just you don't need to beat him please don't just leave him alone. "Fine whatever I will for you, but never let anything happen like this again I'll see you next week when we go to Logan's pool party" he said. Bye.

It was late and somebody knocked at the door when I opened it...

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