Our High School Life

They are in 10th grade Mandy and her friends she is one of the most popular kids and she has so many friends a clique and everything but the closest friends are Logan, Danielle and jack (Logan is a girl). They have known each other since 1st grade and this is mandys life.


7. chapter 7

When I opened the text it was him apologizing. Apologizing?!? Wow I couldn't believe this he aske me what I wanted to to do so o told him that I wanted to go see a move with him then he take me out to dinner. He didn't exactly love the idea but we were going planned for next Saturday.


Friday's here and I can't wait for tonight with the girls we are going to have south fun. "Hey are you coming to my party tonight?" Said Brandon.No I am hanging out with dani and Logan tonight we are going to go shopping and... He interrupted "I don't care what you doing so I will pick you up at 6" um ok, I thought that was really rude if him to say but I guess he doesn't care so…

Logan came home with me and I told her about it. "I don't think you should be with him, I mean you tried but that was rude I mean seriously that is not how you talk to someone"she said.

I know but I can't leave him now let's see how tomorrow goes.

When dani got to my house we called jack because he was the only one with a license he drove us everywhere. "Listen Mandy I want to help but Im not driving you anywhere unless you promise me something"he said. What do k have to promise you? "Promise me that tomorrow dani and Logan sit in the back row watching you while your out, with out him knowing" Yes I promise that they can come now will you please come pick us up. "On my way" he said.

When we got to the store we had so much fun, we always try on thousands of clothes. Logan always tries stuff on then goes and dances around the stores it is so funny and me and dani love to watch. "You guys should come dance with me" Logan said. "Maybe another time right now we will just watch" dani and I said. "That's what you always say" she said. "Mam you can't keep the clothes on through the store please go change" a worker said.

After Logan changed we went and got some ice cream, then we called jack so he could take us home but while we were in the car Logan suggested that we should go to her house to swim. So we did.

"Should we invite over Brandon and his friends" dani suggested. I don't know I guess if you guys really feel like it. "Does he have cute friends?" Asked Logan. I actually don't really know never met them but since he is a good lookin fellow I imagine so, so let's invite them over.

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