Our High School Life

They are in 10th grade Mandy and her friends she is one of the most popular kids and she has so many friends a clique and everything but the closest friends are Logan, Danielle and jack (Logan is a girl). They have known each other since 1st grade and this is mandys life.


6. chapter 5

The next day was Sunday I called over dani and Logan I didn't want to call over jack yet because I wanted their opinion on if I should tell him or not.

They were shocked "omg you went with him still so not like you but I likey"said Logan. " idk and idk if you should tell jack about this "said dani. "I think she definite should tell him were best friends he needs to know" said logan.

I invited him over

Hey I have to tell you something and you need to understand there was no pressure all my choice. "What what's wrong what has happened?" Asked jack.


He was mad furious actually the kiss and the dancing the drinking the statement Brandon made he didn't want me to see him again but I knew he wasn't my father.


Now it's Monday and we are in school I walk with jack everywhere and anytime we see Brandon he pushes me the other way o can never say hi it's getting annoying. Jack please stop I'm not 2 and I can handle my self I do not want to fight we are bestfriends we will have been for 15yrs at the end of the school year in 2 months so let me decide what I do please. "I don't want you to get knocked up or hurt you heard what he said he lies and cheats do you want that?" He said. No of course I don't want that but later that night o swear I saw a peak of a soft side maybe he can change you have to give him a chance. "Whatever I'll see in class if he doesn't talk you into skipping or something"

Actually Brandon did talk me into and I knew it was so wrong I didn't like it but I did it, weak not just had a make out session again not what I usually like to do. "So are you free to goth or any other nights?" Said Brandon. I don't know yet anything could pop up but we should get ready to go to class the bell is gonna ring. "Who cares lets just skip the whole school day and go party or something" is that all you do is party, and skip not skipping again ok I have done a million things for you that I have felt were so wrong and out of my league I'm not skipping again or doing anything I think is wrong till you do some stuff for me! "Whatever I'll see you later if you need me just call I'll probably be in a bed somewhere with another girl" said Brandon. When he said that I felt tears about o come out so ran out of the bathroom to my next class I was glad jack wasn't in it only dani.

"Hey is everything okay?" She said. Yeah I'll tell you about it later.

Through the test of the whole day k never once contacted Brandon about what he said. And I was getting ready to fall asleep when all of a sudden I get a text from Brandon.

Could this be true? Was I right about the soft side?

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