Our High School Life

They are in 10th grade Mandy and her friends she is one of the most popular kids and she has so many friends a clique and everything but the closest friends are Logan, Danielle and jack (Logan is a girl). They have known each other since 1st grade and this is mandys life.


5. chapter 4

I was so into it I knew it was wrong but the bad boy is like an addiction. Yes I'm coming I said nervously. So I get in the back and I get changed I did make sure he didn't watch though, all I was thinking was wow and how jack would feel if he ever found out. When we arrived wherever we were there were like a thousand girls wearing almost nothing I was shocked.

We walk inside and I literally feel so weird he knows everybody and he is checking out other girls while we just walk by I don't know how I feel about this yet he leads us straight up to the bar and orders drinks he used his id I didn't need to. Then we walk up to some of his friends none of them go to our school, they just start to talk and I just stand there I don't know what to do every once in a while he would say something to me sort of like a compliment but it could've been nicer. But I still blushed I hate it when I blush to because my face gets so red.

After about 2hrs of us standing I walked away "where are you going?" He said. I don't know sit down,dance, do something besides stand next to you the whole time. "If your bored I can did something with you" I don't want to interrupt but it would be nice. "Dance?" I'm so nervous that's all I'm thinking about I do not know how to dance like any if these girls are I always thought I would learn when I needed money or found it a hobby but now? I don't want to.

I didn't exactly dance that way because that wasn't me to dance like that and I was glad he didn't sy anything about that maybe he has a soft side.

"Do you have a curfew?" Brandon asked. Ummm I had to think did I want to lie or was I ready for the next adventure? No I don't where are we going? "

We were in the car and I decided against it I changed my mind "um Brandon could you please take me home actually I have a lot of homework to do" "watevs"

When we got there I started to get put when he pulled me back in turned me around and kissed me at first I tried to push away but it just felt so good, finally I knew I had to stop and pushed him away and said goodnight, when I was walking away he yelled out the window "I know you don't have homework by the way"

I was so so red.

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