Our High School Life

They are in 10th grade Mandy and her friends she is one of the most popular kids and she has so many friends a clique and everything but the closest friends are Logan, Danielle and jack (Logan is a girl). They have known each other since 1st grade and this is mandys life.


3. chapter 2

Jack realized I was running and he ran after me the most reason of why I ran was because none of my friends knew that I had a crush on Brandon I didn't tell them because I was scared that I was gonna be judged he finally caught up and asked me why I just couldn't get it out but I knew I couldn't hide it from him so I spilled.

I told him that I had a crush on Brandon and when I saw them kiss o couldn't believe it I was so happy thought he invited me because he had a crush but he didn't he just invited me to in it me and jack said" you shouldn't let a man ruin our like this lets just get you back together and go show him what he is missing I mean honestly you could get anyone you wanted you know it"

He comforted me so much that's why I love him we walked back together and went in I looked for the hottest guy on the dance floor and just got my groove on.

I never looked to see if he was watching because I didn't really care at least not right now I knew I would later after dancing forever o went and food Danielle she was talking to some guys but she never dates them I know she will though when I date someone we usually do everything together Logan in the other hand was on the dance floor just getting her freak on even though we weren't that much alike in the boy section to how we show emotions we were the best of friends.

When Logan was done dancing we all got water and decided to take a walk to down for the beach the house was right on it while we were walking someone was yelling my name and I was hoping with all my heart that it wasn't Brandon but it was with his perfect self so I told them to walk on while we talked.

"Hey" hi "I saw you dancing like a lot looked like you were having fun" thanks I was I was looking for you earlier but I couldn't find you "yeah I was with my friends we were checking out the girls" we're you really? "Yeah they all thought you were th best" wow I just couldn't hold back the blushing, so I told him I had to leave.

While walking back to my friend so couldn't stop thinking was he flirting with me? Was he lying to me or just not telling the whole truth? I was so confused my emotions were everywhere, but soon I caught up.

Hey guys. " what was that all about Mandy??" Said Logan oh nothing just you know friends:) "friends?! I thought we hated them because of they're rep I mean they are pretty bad to and how they act??" I mean you know people change maybe we should just get to know them plus... "Omg Mandy plus what?? Don't tell me you have a thing for Brandon?" Maybe I do is that so bad "no not at all" both at the same time. Seriously? I though you guys would never like allow it and make me not like him. "No we wouldn't do that we are your best friends and if you wanna hang with them and go to party's then we will, plus I did have a lot of fun and maybe met some people" said Logan "omg you always meet some people" said Danielle I love you guys I know I can always count on you I don't know what I was thinking about you guys not liking me likeing Brandon

I was just so happy they were ok with this they made me so happy I knew o had the nearest friends.

After our walk on the beach we had to go find jack at least because he was our ride I was the last to get dropped off and o I told him how I told the girls and that they were cool with it and that we were gonna go to more party's and hang out with Brandon sometime honestly he didn't like the idea but I didn't care because I would be with Logan and Danielle so it would all be cool.

By the time I got home my parents weren't worried or asking questions they never do they are super laid back I me a heck they even got me the fake id telling me to use it appropriately o went upstairs and found my sister having a sleepover with lol her little 8 year old friends and saw my brother who is in 12tj grade he was of course making out with his girlfriend with the door open I mean who does that but I didn't care I just kept walking when I got to my room I had about 10 messages from Brandon I never take my phone to party's in case I lose it, I was so happy I had messages I couldn't wait for open them but I just got called down for dinner so I had to run. I just can't wait.

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