Our High School Life

They are in 10th grade Mandy and her friends she is one of the most popular kids and she has so many friends a clique and everything but the closest friends are Logan, Danielle and jack (Logan is a girl). They have known each other since 1st grade and this is mandys life.


2. chapter 1

My names Mandy and I am in 10th grade I have everything in life I couldn't really be happier friends and family. We live in California I love it here the sunshine the beach the great pool party's. And the boys are super cute, speaking of boys here comes jack, jack and I talk about everything from football to hair and we would never date because we think of each other more like siblings than even friends we have all our classes together except for science which is cool because I have science with Logan who is my other beat friend, she is one of the coolest people I have ever met and also I have a friend Danielle she is absolutely great she is such a happy person never down and always brightens every ones mood I love when she's around. Anyway it's the beginning of the school day and I am on my way to first period with jack and Danielle we all have history together.

In history you can sit however you want it doesn't matter and we always sit next to each other, there are some really cute boys in this class that I just want to jump on but I learn to control myself, so today we have a sin which means we do nothing and here comes Brandon and oh boy is he looking mighty fine nobody besides his friends really like him because of how he acts Yada Yada Yada but I don't care because I think he's cute. "Hey Mandy I was wondering if you and all your little minions wanted to come to my party tonight it's gonna be awesome" Brandon said. He always invites me to party's and I usually turn him down because I don't want to go alone and my friends don't like him but because of their pride they have to go and I can't wait!


It's now the end of the day and me Danni and Logan are going to get ready of course we are going out to shop we always buy new clothes for any party and I know just where to go we are going to partttttty time we absolutely love that store it is our fav we have 3 hours before we are meeting up with jack, Seth and Nathan.

After and hour of shopping we got the perfect outfits, I didn't want to look to slutty so I got shorts not to short but not to long a tank top that is cut out in the back, Daniella has ripped jeans and a marvel tank top and Logan has super ripped jeans and a crop top on we all help each other with our makeup and do our hair Logan stays down Danielle's is in a messy bun and I curled mine hoping to look super cute for Brandon they guys got here about 15 minutes later and I didn't make them go they literally go to every party just to check out the girls.

We finally get to the party and I am siched I can't wait to see him and I can't wait to finally go to a party with my friends for the firstt time just kn case we all grabbed our fake ids and we walk in I see him I swear Brandon I make sure I loon good and I start walking up to him when this girl walked up to him and they just made out I couldn't believe I could've been sure he wasn't dating anybody I was devastated I couldn't hold it in I just had to cry so I did I did and I ran as fast as my legs would carry me.

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