A New Beginning...Highschool

Becky just started high school and she has a roller coaster of a life but these hills are about to get a little steeper.


5. Halloween

Awe how pretty the trees are changing colors the wind is cold. Candy stores are at the highest peak of their sales. And little kids are running around trying to figure out what they will be while parents try not to kill them. If you didn't already guess Halloween. The time of the year where someone gets to be something their not.

When I got home from school that Friday night I got a letter in the mail or I guess you could say it was an invitation but that doesn't matter. All that matters is there hasn't been a party in a long Time. But of course there would be one tonight. All this just so girls can where kinky clothing and look like sluts and whores. Where guys can be dumb and stupid while they play pranks on everyone.

The invitation read…

Party at 638 central lane

Come dresses in a costume or don't come dressed at all

Will be beer and dancing starts @6

So immediately I texted my friend to see if they got it. Of course he did. I'm just kind of excited to see what everyone else is going as.

I mean I don't have many costume and definitely not any sexy one. But I'm sure I can get one from Logan.


So we just decided to meet at the party. When I got there I was wearing A grass skirt and a coconut bra with some flowers in my hair. I thought that was pretty sexy. While Lisa is wearing a really old short pair of work jeans shorts. With a cowboy hat and a plaid button-down sure that was tied above her belly button. Lisa and I talk while we waited for Logan because logan was going to be late as usual. She's probably still at home getting ready trying to pick the right outfit so she can pick up some guys.

Once Logan finally get there she come up with a neck shirt and a white bikini under it. The bikini barely covers her boobs. Well she's wearing the short shorts that barely cover her butt. Once she finally comes over to us we ask her what she is supposed to be. She replied with I'm not really sure what I'm going for but I was going for someone that didn't wear a lot of clothes like a beach girl.

After we talked for a little we finally went in. As soon as you step foot in that house you could immediately smell alcohol and smoke. So far we have been here for at least thirty minutes and I haven't seen any other freshman but us. But I mean that ok so that Means we were the only cool people who were invited. Which brings me to the question who invited us.

I just kind of went through the whole night just forgetting about trying to find who invited us. I'm sure it was someone for Logan or Lisa. So my friends and I finally regrouped as we always did after we scouted out the men at the party. Then we danced all night long like it was our last night on earth and it was fun because I finally for once thought that Logan wasn't thinking about my brother and we could just forget about Tiffany.

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