Just you and me

Just some lyrics for the song competition. Hope you enjoy!


1. Just you and me

You and I will always be.
What we're meant to, you and me.
But I don't know if I can let you go.
Don't you say goodbye to me.
I don't know if I can leave.
Maybe it's time we both believe.
Don't back out on me now
I don't know if I can survive, 
Without you by my side.

So let me know that you won't let go
That we'll always be together
Maybe now that we both believe
We can finally be just you and me

Where are you going now?
You promised me forever so please stay.
Don't close your eyes
Keep them on mine
So we know we're connected 
Hold my hand tight
Take me for the night
Let's stay out until the sun rise

(Repeat chorus)

When the light comes I'll be there for you
Will you be there for me too?
If I fall asleep now
Will you be there when the sun comes up?

(Repeat chorus) x2

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