My poem for the competition is 'if'. Hope you enjoy!


1. If

If words can describe you
I would never stop talking
If miles can get me to you
I would never stop walking

If your eyes are like the ocean
I would learn how to swim
If you, shining star would lead me
I would be following in light so dim


If my heart can't beat in your presence
I would also want you to see through
If it's exactly what it feels in heavens
I would let you know that its true


If rain can get you wet
I would say you're so amazing
If I am there my eyes would be set
As my heart would be just racing


If everyone's smiling while you won't
I would do anything to make you feel not alone
If you face problem in understanding me
I would like to stay as a riddle of my own


If you once said to me that I'm sweet
I would say I didn't heard, can you repeat?
If you said you just can't even think to hurt 
I would ask if I had doubted on you for once


If you sometime feel annoyed & I am the reason
I'd like to stay silent in almost every season
If you do something and then its 'as a friend'
I'd like you to know that I got what you meant..


If there is something called love
I would also like to know how it feels
If you ever want to know, being beloved
I would say its me whom I can't ever reveal..


If love can happen twice to me
I would never stop trying..
If someone like you is there for me
I would say I'm denying


If good things comes to those who wait
I would never stop waiting for that special one
If he exists in this world..that'd be just great!
I would be waiting until sets the hope for sun


I can go on like this forever..
What is written is in brief..
I would never say I won't do these ever
Cuz everything written here depends on 'If'

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