Captain America Fanfiction :)

Steve Rogers is about to undergo the change he has only ever dreamed about. Whilst he is trapped in a metal machine, surrounded by scientists, he relives his past before he becomes the beloved Captain America.


1. Nothing to fear but fear itself


"Sir, please, do not stop. I would rather die trying than be forced to sit another day whilst my friends and fellow country men are dying. Can you promise me that, sir? Please," I whispered quietly to the nearest man. He glanced up nervously, giving me a small but significant nod. "Thank you." I mumbled before a pain shuddered up my arms as if a hundred needles were being jabbed into me. I looked down at the scientist who was clearly trying not to damage my tiny arms too much but even so, it was as if I was being operated on alive. 

I was in a coffin being buried alive. No. No. That can't be right. My body was propped upright against a cool object. I could feel a burning liquid being pushed around my arms as if my veins filled up with some kind of venom. I could hear the groan of metal as the door slammed shut. Darkness filled the tiny space. I could see a window, the size of a watermelon, which towered above my head. Great. Without my sight, I picked up my other senses. I could hear booming voices, echoing outside. Constant questions which blurred together. Just standard procedure. Suddenly, I was too hot as if the oxygen had left the container and I couldn't breathe. I gasped for air. Was this how I was going to die? A face filled my vision. Peggy. I wanted to shout her name, I didn't know why, but the urge was beyond my control.  

Another bang.

I felt a gush of wind hit my small body, which now shivered violently. I took a deep breath of the substance. Silence. I was trapped and alone, just like I had always been. Except this time, it was different. Sometimes the cost for Freedom was too much for just a single man. No, I was chosen for this. I was going to fight until I every part of me screamed. I was going to win this goddamn war. I clenched my fists and prepared myself for the pain. This was it.

A flash of light.

It was like being burned alive. The light got stronger, the whiteness began to blur my vision. I looked straight in front of me at the dark silver metal which reflected the light further. No wait. There was message. Directly in front of my blinded eyes, I could just about see five words. I recognized the slightly swirled handwriting from my file, the one which Peggy was assigned. I stared at them for as long as I could, then the rest of the light consumed my body. I could hear the screeches of the hurricane planes as they soared to their targets. I could hear the shouts of the soldiers as they called for their fellow comrades after half their body was swiped off. I could hear the darkness which roared with bombs and gunfire. Suddenly, I opened my eyes and realized it was just the screams escaping from me.

I always believed in you.  


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