Conquering Love

The only part of LOVE May believes in, is family love, anything else is meaningless, childish, unrealistic. Love is over used, and in Mays opinion only causes a weakness to ones life. However one boy thinks he can over come her 'Fear of being loved', in love. He's got a long way to go to conquer the love, of Maylein Grace.


2. May

Conquering love: 

Love isn't defined by finding a 'soulmate', love isn't defined by anything actually. It doesn't exist, love. It's a fairy book tail, just like the ones parents tell their children when they want them to go to bed at night. It's over rated anyways. The comment I always get is: "Well how would you know? Obviously you've never been in a 'loving' relationship." Now that's were your wrong. I've been completely heart broken by a boy. Not because I was 'in love', but because I convinced myself that there's a such thing as love. I became one of those weak, pathetic girls that fall for the idea of love. My mother taught me better then that. I always thought she was insane. But she was right it's only a fantasy I promised myself I would never be that girl again, and I stand by my word. 



"NOO IT'S NOT GANNA BE OK MOM! He's gone, he's never coming back! And its all because of that bitch Perrie!" I heard my sister June yell from the bottom of the stairs. I roll my eyes and headed down stairs to the kitchen. June had tears streaming down her cheeks, her eyes puffy and red, and her legs snugged close to her chest, as she sat on the floor.  My mom glared at her. I chuckled a little 

"June what's your problem why the hell are you freaking out" I said holding back laughs. 

"Language May, I swear where did I go wrong." My mom snapped dramatically. Rolling my eyes I ignored her focusing on June 

"Z-Zayn l-left one direction" she  stuttered out. I completely lost it I broke out into tears of laughter. 

"ITS NOT FUNNY!!" June screamed. 

"Oh come on June, it's a stupid boy band. They have been doing it what, 2 years?  I'm surprised it lasted that long." I shrugged turning to the fridge.  

"5 YEARS !!! Well almost, but it's not just a boy band! They saved me!" I rolled my eyes, she's so dramatic I know shes 13 but damn. 

"UGH!! No one understands!" Macy shouted running out of sight. I sat down on the chair to the island with juice and green grapes. I plopped one into my mouth casually. 

"So mom how are you taking the whole 'z-Zayn left one direction' thing." I said mocking June. She giggled slightly. 

"I think I'll survive," She replied. I smiled. 

"So May, um…we need to talk." 

"I DIDNT DO IT!" I said putting my hands up in surrender. She smiled and shakes her head. 


"No May this is serious." I shrugged, and she took that as a sign to continue. 

" I'm just Ganna be straight forward with this ok? No sugar coating." I nodded uneasy. 

"Your father is- he's on parole." My body froze. I felt my mouth go dull, like after you dry swallow a big pill. 

"What" I muttered, my mom put her hand on my shoulder and squeeze. 

"WHAT!" I shouted, I saw my mom flinch. 

" May, please your starting to sound like your sister" my mom said trying to make a light joke. A single tear left my eyes and down my right cheek." 

"H-how?" I stuttered. My moms eyes were light blue not there usual dark blue. 

"It's been 10 years May." My mother said placing a hand on my knee. 

"AND HE HAD 3 MORE TO GO!" I yelled standing up. 

"Ma-" I cut her off


"Maylein Elizabeth Grace, watch yourself, I never said I was letting him in not after what he did. Not again. I made it a point to the court that he's not allowed near this family." She assured me. I just shook my head, and jogged up into my room. 

I sat in bed looking up into the stars that I had taped onto the ceiling when I was 11. I began to become deep in thought. About June, my mom, my dad, and the day he got arrested. 


My sister was only 3 at the time. I was 10. 

"MAYLIEN GETttH YOUR ASS IN HERE!" My father slurred. I stumbled off of my bed, walking as fast as I could to my parents room. My father didn't like it when I'm slow. 

"Y-yes sir?" I said entering the dark room. The only source of light came from the TV screen. My mom was working late that night. 

"Come here" I walked closer to him. The closer I got the stronger the smell of alcohol and weed filled my nose. Before approaching him fully I turned back looking at the TV. It was pause at a girl with her shirt off, and a boy half naked. Gulping I walked closer to my dad, he was naked with the covers over his privets. 


"Shhh" he cut me off 

******End Of FLASHBACK *********
          (To be continued) 


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