Conquering Love

The only part of LOVE May believes in, is family love, anything else is meaningless, childish, unrealistic. Love is over used, and in Mays opinion only causes a weakness to ones life. However one boy thinks he can over come her 'Fear of being loved', in love. He's got a long way to go to conquer the love, of Maylein Grace.



chapter two 

Some how I managed to doze of into a deep sleep. That was until I heard a loud bang followed by screams. I jumped out of bed and zoomed down the stair stopping suddenly in my tracks. 

"WHERE IS SHE!" He screamed. 

"Derek GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!" My mother screamed. 

I probably should have stayed to help my mom but I knew what I  needed to do. I ran up the stairs trying to be quiet as I did so, and went into June's room. She had fallen asleep. 

"June get up we need to go" I whispered. 

"Fuck off May I'm not in the mood." I ripped the covers off of her, my face red of anger. Then another loud bang occurred, causing June to spring up. 

"What was that." She questioned. 

"Doesn't matter we need to go now". She nodded. 

"What about mom" she asked. 

"She'll be fine" 

Climbing out the window. Was the easy part, the hard part was finding somewhere to go. I dropped June off at her friends house and told her she should spend the night. We only moved to Florida 1 month ago. I haven't managed to make any friends yet. So I just walked around the city.  I know your probably wondering what a 20 year old girl is still living at home with her mom and little sister, well I'm scared to be on my own, the loneliness. So my mom and sister so lovingly agreed to move here to Florida where I go to university. 

I've been walking around for a sold 15 minutes when I approached a hotel with a large group of girls all gathered at the entrance, screaming there heads off. I wasn't quit sure what was going on but I wasn't interested enough to find out. I went around behind the hotel. It was a dark ally. I though twice about going through that way but I decided it was the only way to get to the library without losing all source of hearing. I walked quickly, wanting to leave the ally as fast as possible. I was almost at the end when I got a text from my mom, I stopped and read: 

'May honey are you ok? Derek will not quit. Don't come home tonight. Thank you for taking care of June for me honey. I'll text you and give you the all clear as soon as I can, lots of love, mom x' 

I sighed and started walking again I typed a response to my mom letting her know that we where ok, not paying much attention to where I was walking. 

'BEEEP' "HEY WATCH OUT!!" Someone shouted startled by this I tripped over my own feet landing in the road. 


I shout my eye. This is it, the moment I die. I couldn't hear the world around me. Everything was blank. Am I dead? When my hearing started to come back into check, I open my eyes. There was a huge crowd gathered near me. And a boy crouched beside me as I laid in his arms. He was warm and smelt like after shave, and rich cologne. I sat up, placing my hand over my head. There was a slight hump but I think I'm ok. 

"That was a close one." He said in a British accent. I looked up at him he was attractive and very fit. I knew him from somewhere I just couldn't put my finger on it. 

"Yeah no kidding" I said standing up i stumped a little but the boy held me in place. 

"Sorry what's your name?" I asked. I heard a couple of gasps, and cameras started flashing. 

"Louis, Louis Tomlinson." He smiled. Louis. Then suddenly it clicked. My eyes widen. I took a step back stumbled a little more someone caught me from behind. 

"Hmm No, I don't know I thought Louis Tomlinson was taller" I said with a smirk. His smile dropped. 

"Hey I'm just kidding. Sorry my sister is a big Fan" I said laughing. His smiled returned. 

"I think we should get you to a hospital." 

"No I'm good." He didn't seem convinced. 

"You sure, how about I at least take you home?" He smiled. Cameras flashed all around me I couldn't see very while. More and more girls started crowding around us. My heart started beating fast and I could feel beads of sweet on my forehead. I get claustrophobic easily, I think Louis could sense that because next thing I know I'm in a van with 4 boys, away from everyone else. 

"Hey, Louis who's this?" Niall said. He's the blonde one right? Louis was about to answer but remembered quickly he didn't catch my name. He frowned his eyebrows and looked at me. 

"May" I said. 

The boys nodded and said there names even though I knew them, well kinda. 

Everyone but Harry seemed pleased that I was there. I cleared my throut.

"Um.. Well it was nice meeting you all, oh can I ask a favor?" I said looking down. "You can ask, just like everyone else, but most likely the answer is no" Harry snapped. My head shot up in his direction. The boys were silent. 

"stop the van" I mumbled. 

"Ma-" I interrupted Louis. 

"Just let me out, I'm not ganna be talked down to." I snapped. Louis frowned his eyes telling the man to slow down the Van. As it came to a complete stop I pushed past Niall and Harry and opened the door hopping out I had no idea where I was. I heard foot steps behind me they grabbed my hand and sprung me around. It was Louis 

Niall P.O.V 

May pushed past Me and Harry leaving the Van. Louis groaned and followed her out. 

"WHAT THE FUCK HARRY?!?…your such and ass!" I yelled.

"I saw the way he looked at her." Harry shoot without looking. My eyes lightened. I let out a deep sigh. 

"Harry you have to let him be happy again." I pleaded. He didn't move, look, or say a word. 

"Harry look at me." He obayed his eyes a dark musty green. He looked like he was on the verge of letting go tears. 

"Niall, I can make him happy, not Eleanor, not Hannah, and definitely not HER." He snorted. I looked to Liam. 

"Harry you don't know that, maybe someone else can, like you once did, you messed up Harry you cheated. There's nothing you can do about that. it just wasn't meant to be. Plus, he just meet the girl. You never know what could happen it may not be anything. Either way you need to let Louis go, let him be happy. " Liam said lightly 

"I've seen that look on Louis. He gave me that look once. He's not GANNA let her go. He sees something in her. She's going to be his. That's just the effect he's got on people." Harry said turning to the window 

***********FLASHBACK *************

Harrys P.O.V 

"Babe!! You In here…lou?" I said walking into our dark shared bedroom. I heard whimpers coming from the direction of the bed. I turned the light on squinting lightly. Louis was curled up into a ball his knees close to his chest. He was looking down on his phone, clearly he had been crying. I walked close to the bed assuming he was reading hate comments. I sat on the bed and placed my hand on Louis back. 

"Baby what's wrong?"  

He shook me off, throw his phone in my lap and ran for the bathroom slamming the door. I grabbed the phone, he was on Twitter, I looked down and saw a caption: HARRY STYELS AND TAYLOR SWIFT HOOKING UP? #HAYLOR

Underneath was a picture of me clearly kissing Taylor. My eyes widen. I-I thought I was carful, I thought no one saw. It was a mistake. I was silly to think that anyone but Louis could make me happy. That anyone but Louis could make me feel the way I do when I'm around him. I jumped off the bed and to the bathroom door. 

"Louis open the door!" I said banging on the door. I could only hear the cries that came from him. My heart broke right then and there. 

"LOUIS PLEASE LETS TALK" I yelled still nothing. 

"lou-" I was interrupted by the door flying open. Louis stood there with red, puffy eyes. My heart hurt that much more. 

"Tell me that's not you, tell me That's someone else, tell me I'm crazy for even think it's you, because you love me. And you could never even think about anyone else besides me. Tell me I'm the only one for you, that you would never hurt me. That I'm crying for no reason right now! Because Harry I love you. And your supposed to love me just as much, not to hurt me. To rip my heart out because I love you HARRY EDWARD STYLE Tell me that's not you Harry please please please." Louis cried banging on my chest. My eyes started to filled with tears. I didn't even have to say anything for him to know that it was me. I tried to pull him into a hug but he refused. He pushed me out of his reach. 

"Get out" he muttered. 



**********END OF FLASHBACK*****






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