Are We All Lost Stars?

Oakley is stuck in a nightmare it seems like. Everything she once loved seems lost. she goes to the stars in search for answers. Wondering why this happened, she snaps back into reality and must start learning how to recope with other. Want to join her on the most tragic ride of her life? Read and see if it's worth your time.


1. Where the truth lies.

       I sat in a room; looking around with my knee's pulled to my chin, as I let tears run down my face." I should have never asked her to go with me; she died because of me!" I felt a warm large hand touch my  arm; a deep males voice said," Darlin it ain't your fault, nobody knew he was gonna pull a stunt like that; c'mon now your dad is waitin for ya outside."

     I stood up; feeling kinda dizzy. I thought," I'm back in my home town; I don't belong here, my dad walked out on me to start another family." I looked around and saw a tall, skinny, man with eyes like blue hard ice," O-Oakley." I shivered," I'm surprised you remember me, after all you did walk out on me 15 years ago."

    His lip quivered," That was the biggest mistake of my life." I rolled my eyes pushing away tears," Yea, because it was such a big mistake you never wrote or called?" I was struggling to fight back the tears. "You're my dad and I don't even know your name, because when you walked out I WAS 1 YEAR OLD!" I was screaming at this point, and I was done chocking back tears; I let all her anger flow out with them.

    " Okay, I understand that you're angry and you have every right to be; my name is Parker Abernathy." He was coughing while the tears ran down his face. Oakley looked at him stern; having the same blue look in her eyes; dead as ice," What do you expect? You want me to come home with you and try to act like nothing happened to my mom while your wife runs around with her kids trying to act like my mom?" She was getting fired up at the idea of another woman trying to raise her.

    He looked around for a minute," You could try. She has a daughter one year younger than you!" She got hotter than an firework on the fourth of July," MY MOM DIED ON MY BIRTHDAY! My birthday was yesterday, but I guess you didn't know that either did you?" She felt dizzy thinking about her mom; then all of a sudden she blacks out as the room starts to spin.

   When I woke up I was in a room with pale pink walls, a huge white bed, a computer desk, and a dresser where my cloths were stacked. I tried to shake the blurriness off, but I was still half asleep," Hello?" I said with an anxious voice. My door came flying open," Oakley, you're awake." She sat down on the bed," No I'm asleep or dead in a coma; I'm sure you'd like that wouldn't you?"

   I stood up as he tightened his poster," I get it. You're mad. I am sorry for leaving you and your mom, but I am your father and you are going to show me some respect." I walked over close to him," You want to talk about respect? How could I ever respect the man who made my mother upset everyday? How could I ever respect the man WHO LEFT HIS ONLY CHILD IN THE DUST FOR SOME TRAMP WITH MONEY?"

   Parker reared back his hand and slapped me, O-Oakley I'm sorry!" He reached over and tried to touch my arm," DON'T TOUCH ME!" I screamed spitting out blood. He left my room. I sat there crying wishing I had my mom here to defend me. He came back moments later and tossed me a wet rag. I wiped my lip off and spit the remaining amount of blood into it," I hate you!" I screamed as the words rolled of my tongue.

   I could see his throat clutch," I'm sorry for doing that." He looked at me like I was supposed to forgive him," Yeah sure, let's meet your other kids and see if they are as hot headed as you." I said shoving him with my boney shoulder."

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