Are We All Lost Stars?

Oakley is stuck in a nightmare it seems like. Everything she once loved seems lost. she goes to the stars in search for answers. Wondering why this happened, she snaps back into reality and must start learning how to recope with other. Want to join her on the most tragic ride of her life? Read and see if it's worth your time.


2. Trying out a new life style

    I can hear his footsteps following closely behind me. As I approach down stairs I feel a tug on my shoulder," Just to let you know Oakley, I have a son, he was adopted but he is 17 so don't get any ideas." I turned around mad," Yes, because I'm totally gonna try and  hook up with him."

   I walked into the kitchen and saw a teenage girl and boy; then on the other side of the room a middle aged woman. The woman turned and looked, and then in a soft voice I hear," Hi! I'm Paige and this is my son Cameron and my daughter Dallas." She smiled as if I were supposed to reply, was I? "Hi, I'm Oakley, your dad is the man who walked out on me and my mother."  Dallas dropped her fork and ran into her room as Cameron gave her a smile," Nice to meet you." I rolled my eyes and gave a sarcastic smile," Oh, the pleasure is all mine."  I said in a smart attitude.

   I walked to the refrigerator and grabbed a soda," Is there something I can help you with Paige? If not then stop staring at me." I popped the top off the soda bottle and went right back to my room. I was sitting there and I was thinking about my mom; I miss my mom more than anything. I heard a faint knock on the door," What do you want?" I heard sniffles," Could I come in please?" It was Dallas. " Uhhh I guess."

  The door pushed open slowly and a red haired, freckled face, tall, skinny 15 year old girl walked in. "If what I said in the kitchen upset you; I was just trying to tell you the truth." Dallas looked down. You could tell she was shy and was desperate to have conversation.

  She sniffled again and looked up at me with red puffy eyes," Why did he walk out on you and your mom?" I felt my throat get tight and I broke out in a little sweat," He wanted a younger, richer woman who could afford to give him what he wanted." Dallas let a few tears fall," I heard you call my mom a tramp when you were yelling."

   I looked down at the rings my mom had given me," I was angry because; yesterday was my birthday and my mom died. She was murdered because I asked for something I shouldn't have asked for. I turned 16 yesterday and my mom died and my dad wasn't there to comfort me."

    Dallas walked over to me and put her hand on my  shoulder," My birthday was the day before yesterday." I looked up and smiled at her as she took her hand off me and walked out of the room. I finished my soda and sat it on my night stand. I could hear Paige talking from the kitchen. The kitchen is right under me and the vent is very useful.

   Paige was talking about school. Ah school. The place where people burn useless information into our brains so that we are miserable for the rest of our lives. I wasn't ready to go back to school because I had just lost my mom. If it will take my mind off things I'm in.

    I heard a knock on the door once again," What do you want?" I heard somebody clearing out their throat," I need to speak with you." It was Paige. " Whatever. c'mon in." She smiled at me," I'm sure you are aware that you must start school again. So we enrolled you at Cameron and Dallas's high school. You are in 10th grade right?"

   I was shaking my head," Yea, I am, but I don't think it is right for me to go to school two days after my mothers death." Paige looked at my with pity," Well school will be good for you." She gave me my schedule and walked out of the room. Why was everybody coming to me. I just got here and they are swarming me.

   I walked over to my window and saw Cameron outside boxing with this tall, buff, dark hair, blue eyed boy. He must have been 16 or 17. Cameron catches me glancing at his friend and throws a rock at my window. I open it up," What do you want?" He giggled," What grade are you in?" I hope he isn't in the same grade," I'm in 10th grade." He looked mad but his friend bit his lip and smiled at me," Great so we are all in the same grade."

   I walked away from the window and found a little marble," Hey, I'm Oakley!" I said to his friend as I through the stone at Cameron. "Nice to meet you Oakley, I'm Noah, and I'm also in 10th grade. Do you have your schedule yet?" I smiled," Yes I have it right here." He smiled back," Read it to me." I ran over to my bed and grabbed it and ran back to the window," Uh I'll just read the names in order.  Howerton , Christopher, Gannon, Petty, and Claridy." He smiled," Great I guess we have every class together." I winked at him," Yea I guess we do." I shut my window and went and lied down on my bed.

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