Are We All Lost Stars?

Oakley is stuck in a nightmare it seems like. Everything she once loved seems lost. she goes to the stars in search for answers. Wondering why this happened, she snaps back into reality and must start learning how to recope with other. Want to join her on the most tragic ride of her life? Read and see if it's worth your time.


4. Running from the law

        I went up to my mom's old room, and there were pictures of her and her family. The wallpaper she had picked out was still on the walls, as perfect as ever. I pulled out some of her old clothes and put them on. I put most of them in my purse. I layed down and relaxed as I started to drift into a sleep.

   I woke up to the sound of my grandma running into my room," Oakley get under the bed, the cops and your dad are here!" I jumped up and got under the bed," Now Oakley, be very quiet," she said shutting the door. I heard footsteps and my dads voice," Where is she Marian, I know she is here?" I heard the door open, and I saw boots, thick black boots. " Look Mr. Robertson, she isn't here." He started yelling," THEN WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER? SHE HAS BEEN MISSING FOR 24 HOURS AND HASN'T BEEN SEEN. DAMNIT I JUST LOST MY DAUGHTER AGAIN. I NEED TO FIND HER." He started crying and sobbing, I actually felt bad.

   That doesn't matter though. I was scared that he was going  fall to the ground and see me hiding under the bed. If , he see's me, my grandma is going to jail. I put my hand over my mouth trying not to let them hear breathing. My grandma put her hands on her hips," Now you know she isn't here, so get out of my house before I have you both arrested!" I wanted to laugh," Ok, but if you see her, tell her to come home." She pretended to get angry," I will. I'm not going to tell her to go swimming with sharks now am I?" The officer laughed and they left she came back upstairs and pulled from under the bed," That was close. If we have anymore "surprise" pop ins, I could go to jail Oakley." I sighed," I know, but I can't live with him, I don't want to!" She patted my back and I layed back down.

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